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Which browser? Download one of the big two or any number of "Rebel" browsers from

Webmonkey's Browser Kit shows exactly what each browser supports: Use a "sniffer" to detect which browser a user is surfing with via a simple piece of JavaScript that can be found in the Webmonkey JavaScript Code Library:; Discover which browser a user is running:

Internet Explorer, latest version IE5.0

Advantages: Comprehensive features designed to segue with other Microsoft Products, Outlook Express reputed to be a first-class email client.

Disadvantages: Takes control of defaults and doesn't like to let go. Microsoft was narrowly prevented from planting an id number in your machine that would help vendors target you for marketing. In NT, you have to be an administrator to install (a real headache for multiple installations). Uninstall and subsequent logons require substantial cleanup for extraction of tentacles from various aspects of system.

If you still plan to install IE 5.0, there are instructions here on how to do it properly, what to watch out for, and so on:,10000,0-3774-7-283413,00.html?st.dl.fd.hl.ie5mare

Netscape, latest version 4.6

Advantages: Relatively benign installation process. In NT, you DON"T have to be an administrator to install. Doesn't do weird things to your system as far as we know (but good-old mom & pop Netscape just sold out to AOL, so who knows what's coming). Email client generally tries to emulate Outlook Express.

Disadvantages: Forget "smart" upgrade - you have to be online for a long time in a multi-step process. Get an installation file from and install offline.


Apple Quicktime: Version 4 installer file from . The follow the installation steps at

Macromedia Shockwave and Flash, now in one plugin, from Also, get an Authorware Web Player from the same site.

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