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English for Special Purposes

Business English

26 Nov 2001, Michael Coghlan posted to "The following two sites have lots of examples of different kinds of business letters."

These suggestions were posted 22 Apr 2001 to TESLCA-L@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU.

Linda Thalman's Business English for Teachers and Learners at

PYBE - Practice Your Business English,

Randall Davis has a RealVideo listening quiz called "Guidelines for Safe Investing" at (Sound financial advice from George "Boros")

Eva Easton has business vocabulary & exercises at:

BESIG is the Business English Special Interest Group of IATEFL. Its website at has information about its yearly conference, workshops etc.

Marion Moore, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE, writes: "There are numerous sites which I have used for project work in Abu Dhabi Women's College for both our business and Business English courses:

Needle in a CyberStack at There are currently 74 interlinked pages including 24 alphabetized Business and Career Tools Pages, the Best of Curriculum, 24 alphabetized Research Pages, Reference, Law & Justice, Cybrarians' Favorites, Intelligence & Security, Law Enforcement, Exploring, What's Cool, Fun, News Sources, etc.

"If you have business English students or are interested in the stock market, come to schMOOze U. ( 8888) to look at STAN. STAN is the interface for schMOOze's stock market simulation. This simulation uses time delayed quotes of real stocks, bonds and mutual funds from the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Not only can stocks be bought and sold, but company information, fundamental data, a detailed portfolio and broker recommendations are available." - Julie Falsetti

New Interchange site. Elementary level activities, mostly for business English students; at

Dave Winet recommends,,

From a commercial posting 15 Apr 1999 on calico-l regarding Syracuse Language's Business English. "There are three volumes, with three CD-ROMs in each volume. Features include video role-playing, culture tips, record-playback, speech recognition, a 50,000-word dictionary and more. We also offer courses (from our division called Language Connect Institute) built around this software so the student interacts with a teacher. Courses can be either from a distance or onsite. More information can be found at our website, or you can buy the software online at:"

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