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Concordancing with Students
Derivation of "Resistor"

A teacher feels that students don't understand what a "resistor" does because they have never learned the root meaning of the word. How can we help him/them?

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To get some raw concordance data, let's visit the Hong Kong Virtual Language Centre's web based concordancer at:

Choose a corpus and do a concordance on resist* (that is, all strings starting with 'resist'). Remember, it's a good idea to do concordances yourself before setting tasks for your students; I used one of the Times corpora initially and didn't get any hits on "resistor" which I wanted to be included in the output. For the following results, I chose the Brown.

Concordances for resist = 80

1 nscience of the use of any mode of resistance also lays down its limitation-

2 t of the listeners went on to open resistance and animosity. "Oh, my God"

3 show that more or less non-violent resistance and economic conflict (if both

4 g optical characteristics, weather resistance and formability, strongly domi

5 the heart and record the change in resistance as the tube is stretched. A ba

6 the tube is stretched. A balanced resistance bridge and a pen recorder are

7 ed by a pulse-timing circuit and a resistance bridge, followed by a simple a

8 followed by the effective military resistance by occupied peoples. Hope for

9 ed cutting force is the frictional resistance caused by the bottom of the kn

10 the principles governing Christian resistance cut across the distinction bet

11 it is dissimilar, for non-violent resistance demoralizes the opponent only

12 hod of calibration employs a fixed resistance element as a calorimeter. The

13 s. That is how the real routine of resistance goes on, and its strength is d

14 many years, but by 1947 and 1948 "resistance had collapsed" and its purchas

15 m. It is clear that non-violent resistance is a mode of action in need of

16 its posture of stubborn but simple resistance is doomed to failure because o

17 s, where the problem of weathering resistance is no longer a factor, the cho

18 n, that "the object of non-violent resistance is partly analogous to this ob

19 ems clear to them that non-violent resistance is quite another thing. "The p

20 n must, first of all, overcome the resistance of layers of officials wedded

21 al support which the usual violent resistance of most victims would render h

22 .# If word classes differ in their resistance or liability to stem replaceme

23 is also a function of the show of resistance put up by the industry. The in

24 on of a group of standard platinum resistance thermometers for calibration b

25 two and four years, negativism or resistance to adult authority is noticeab

26 onal transparency or translucency, resistance to corrosion, as well as the e

27 iment of France's rising spirit of resistance to her conquerors, was much co

28 hird or more of the builders were "resistance to high interest rates, cost a

29 sink lower in the water. The added resistance to the rotor damaged the drive

30 n interest in offering little real resistance to wage demands. The contribut

31 entail. Public indignation and resistance to wage-price increases is obv

32 rinciples governing the conduct of resistance whenever this is thought to be

33 hat anyone engaging in non-violent resistance will be convinced that his act

34 een Christian love and any form of resistance, and then go on beyond the Men

35 ismological gauge to judge surface resistance, dropped to the ground. It

36 usually have stronger flex fatigue resistance, i&e&, the 12 lb&/cu& ft& foam

37 gation has been opposed by massive resistance, interposition, pupil assignme

38 too little occasion beforehand for resistance, the brave strong delights of

39 unctionally useful. In temperature resistance, this quality is usually relat

40 crimination in the use of means of resistance, violent or non-violent. The j

41 n morality, like any other form of resistance. The language used itself ofte

42 inion State, in spite of its stern resistance. The record is clear that incr

43 mine the moral principles limiting resistance. These principles we have now

44 ux himself was later to use in the Resistance; like Malraux he was also serv

45 of the times; a brilliant piece de resistance? Certainly its composer was an

46 cled from 300 to 4.2 **f and their resistances have been found to be reprodu

47 . Lightweight, non-absorbent, fire resistant and dimensionally stable, it is

48 ey are molded of a special weather-resistant formulation of Tenite butyrate.

49 The importance of a hard, abrasion resistant knife material like the Carbolo

50 concentrating on formulating fire-resistant or self-extinguishing grades of

51 may be produced such as antibiotic resistant strains. Mutants may also be de

52 ong had been considered "recession resistant" but hardly dynamic stocks, hav

53 erchandising use, they are weather-resistant, and have mounting pegs on the

54 g numbers with mountains (firm and resistant, hence Yang) and the even numbe

55 raid she wrote, "though we are non-resistants and religiously believe it bet

56 trength, even at low temperatures, resists chipping, cracking, and crazing,

57 ugh the shadows and the trees that resisted her and tried to fling her back.

58 had quarreled with Lucien, she had resisted his demands for money- and if sh

59 you go"! he said. "Ride"! Dean resisted Mike's attempt to push him towar

60 s later, after all the temptations resisted or yielded to, the weasel satisf

61 religious upbringing. I had always resisted the passes made at me by other k

62 soon become cloying. Mr& Paray resisted the temptation to over-emphasize

63 usiness, and still- scarcely to be resisted, a nice little profit with not m

64 rnal, a scheme veteran legislators resisted. For a freshman Congressman to r

65 the territorial state was strongly resisted. Social Darwinism was able to st

66 o counts of assault on an officer, resisting arrest, disturbance and cursing

67 omestead is on the south bank". Resisting the overwhelming temptation to

68 s as evidence of its sincerity in "resisting" the wage pressures of a powerf

69 arned in police station basements, resisting. They laughed and, true to nati

70 than 0.5 V (peak to peak) with a resistive load. The current was regulated

71 s regulated by means of a variable resistor and measured with a 50 mV shunt

72 istic of the rectifier, no ballast resistor was required for stability of op

73 @ 1 millidegree; and for the third resistor, @ 3.3 millidegrees. _VAPOR PRES

74 ESISTANCE THERMOMETERS._ Carbon resistors and impurity-doped germanium re

75 stors and impurity-doped germanium resistors have been investigated for use

76 m. Preliminary calibrations of the resistors have been made from 4.21 to 2.1

77 perature region. Several germanium resistors have been thermally cycled from

78 iations of the data for two of the resistors were @ 1 millidegree; and for t

79 components, such as capacitors and resistors, although not growing as fast a

80 udies of the behavior of germanium resistors, and helium-4 vapor-pressure me

Using the data, we can extract an example or two of each derivation of "resist" and plug it into the concordance exercise template, and produce an exercise for the students.

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