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Concordancing with Students
Remember vs. Remind

The following exercise has been created using authentic text. Each example in the exercise is from a line of text in the original data. This is why letters may be missing from the beginning or end of each line.




Directions: Fill in the blanks below with the words above, as appropriate.


1. oddly breathless. ^*"But my wife __________ me that I have an appointment at

2. ver was in love with her? ^But she __________ herself, he doesn't say things l

3. e could have blamed him. ^Then she __________ how he had been passed over, and

4. for women over men). ^It should be __________ here that for these informants t

5. lt herself stiffening again as she __________ his voice and manner. ^She would

6. country where each blade of grass __________ her of him. ^She wondered if he

7. uilt the villa for his family. ^He __________ her that they must abide by Roma

8. of the twenties and thirties*- one __________ for her vivacity in musicals, an

9. he thought from his mind. ^Tarrant __________ how close he himself had come to

10. a horrid experience, and must have __________ Georgina of adventure in Italy l

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