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Concordancing with Students
Exercise on Derivations of Resist

The following exercise has been created using authentic text. Each example in the exercise is from a line of text in the original data. This is why letters may be missing from the beginning or end of each line.










Directions: Fill in the blanks below with the words above, as appropriate.

1. perature region. Several germanium __________ have been thermally cycled from

2. than 0.5 V (peak to peak) with a __________ load. The current was regulated

3. inion State, in spite of its stern __________. The record is clear that incr

4. erchandising use, they are weather-__________, and have mounting pegs on the

5. omestead is on the south bank". __________ the overwhelming temptation to

6. soon become cloying. Mr& Paray __________ the temptation to over-emphasize

7. s regulated by means of a variable __________ and measured with a 50 mV shunt

8. crimination in the use of means of __________, violent or non-violent. The j

9. optical characteristics, weather __________ and formability, strongly domi

10. o counts of assault on an officer, __________ arrest, disturbance and cursing

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