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Dive logs for Vance Stevens, P.A.D.I. Open Water SCUBA Instructor #64181

Diving with Ali and Sandra at Ras Ghurab, September 3, 1999
Dive 297, Ali's Boat
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Sea condition: mild swell


Visibility: 4-5 m

 Water temp: high 20s, warm

Wetsuit combo: lycra suit and typhoon top

Weight: 6 kg



Profile tracking chart

Planned time



Actual time



Pressure group in

1st dive of day



30 min twice

6 m


Time started down







Time at bottom (NDL)







Time started up







Time at next level







Time started up







Time at next level







Time started up







Safety stop if necessary


5 m






Training: This was Sandra Bushnaq's 3rd open water training dive (dive #4 on old system). She did quite well considering she hadn't dived for so long. Skills were face mask full flood and clear and ESA plus surface work, snorkel reg exchange, wt belt and bcd removal replacement, compass return to boat. Underwater we practiced compass work. She did well on that. Hovering she sculled, but it was just practice, so I prepped her on how to do it the last dive.


She didn't do her last dive. Ali wanted a go. I'd brought him fins, but it turned out he had no mask either, so he took Sandra's when she surfaced from her dive (30 min) and we went down to use the rest of the air in the tanks. That area is full of those gray fish with the black spot in the back, and they dominate the life. There were small parrots and an occasional grunt. Of interest were the gopies that guard the crab hole. We saw the blue crabs on occasion.


On resurfacing, wind had picked up and chop increased. Sandra was sick, so we postponed the last dive.


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