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Dive logs for Vance Stevens, P.A.D.I. Open Water SCUBA Instructor #64181

Musandam with ADSAC, December 2 to 4, 1999
Dives 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 320, 321
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Date: Dec 2, 3, 4 1999

Dive #

Location: Musandam to Straits

Diving with: ADSAC

Dive site:

Dive buddy: Bobbi and Dusty

Others on dive:

Others present at dive site: Firas & Loraine, 2 Brians, 2 Chris's,

Sea condition: Mild

Water temp: 24

Visibility: not so good

Wetsuit combo: 3 mil coveralls and typhoon 3 mil top, about right

Weight: 10 kg, heavy (need 9)

We say morays, lots of friendly bat fish, big ones. Barracudas off the points. Saw lots of big lion fish. Lobsters in lots of places, big clawless ones, and the blue crayfish with white feelers sticking from holes. Lots of blue trigger fish, not aggressive. Jellies in the water, mildly annoying. Treveli and jacks were there, and big parrot fish.

Dec 2, left Dibba at 7:30 on a slow moving dhow

Dive 315 Lima Rock (South Face) with Bobbi and Dusty, 24 meter multilevel

Dive 316 Ras Sarkan (North side) with Bobbi and Dusty, 22 meter profile as C divers

Dec 3, dhow headed up to the straits and poked through a channel with strong current, like river rapids

Dive 317 Ru Rashid (South Face) with Bobbi and Dusty, went to 26 meters, 35 min maybe

Dive 318 Mussandam Island (Toadstool at North West corner) with Bobbi and Dusty, 24 meters, just less than 50 min

Dive 319, Island just off camp site, night dive, with Chris Cuff

Dec 4 We start our day with a missing dive bag. Dusty borrowed gear but Bobbi didn't..

Dive 320 Ras Sarkan (South Face) with Dusty, 30 meters, 48 min

Dive 321 with Dusty at the stack, 24 meters, about 35 min


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