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Dive logs for Vance Stevens, P.A.D.I. Open Water SCUBA Instructor #64181

Abu Dhabi, April 7, 2000
Dives 337 and 338
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Diving with: ADSAC
Dive site: Ludwig

Dive buddies: Pete Hardy and his son John
Others in dive party:

Others at site:

See pic at source, ADSAC site | See big pic on this site

Sea condition: mild swell, some spray on way out

Water temp: 21

Visibility: excellent, 10 meters

Wetsuit combo: farmer john and 3 mm longsleeve top

Weight: needed 12 kg

 Data from dive computer:

Dive 337 Ė 26.5 meters for 42 min

Dive time includes 3 min. safety stop

Surface interval Ė 1 hr 31 min

Dive 338 Ė 26.8 meters for 38 min

The Ludwig is a wreck 40 nautical miles about 15 degrees off due north from Abu Dhabi.It is marked with a large buoy and on weekends surrounded by dive boats.

We were first there.Itís a N/S lying wreck, so we found it on the sounder and dragged a grapple anchor over it on an easterly heading.Thus attached to the wreck, we ascended on the line.

Itís a fascinating wreck.You descend through patrolling tuna into schools of barracuda hanging about amid the shoals of silver fish at the top of the wreck.The wreck is on its side with gaping holes where the dud missiles went through.Descending along what used to be the deck gets you out of the current.

Pete had penetrated the wreck on previous occasions so he led his son and I into various parts of it on our two dives.Because he seemed so sure of where he was going, I didnít hook in my line on entry to the wreck and so I got slightly disoriented each time I went inside.Fortunately I was able to see at least the blur of a fin kick to give me something to follow out of the tight spaces, and the rusty metal wasnít prone to silting up.At one point however, we entered the wreck through a gap in the bottom and swam up into the bridge area where there were companionways with portholes all around, too small to swim through, so that the sea outside and the way up was visible but not exactly accessible.I got lost in there when I tried to swim out through the logical exits, but ended up swimming vertical circles in the companionway.The way out was to continue down into the wreckage and out the gap.It was confusing for a few unpleasant seconds, but we all kept our heads and survived.

The best part of the wreck was the top, where you could cling with the barnacles and urchins to the rusty rails (bring gloves) and relax like a flag in the current while the barracuda lazed about and the tuna darted in from above, wriggling awkwardly to propel their bulky forms through the resisting water, to try to grab some little food morsel that might be a bit far off center of the Darwinian bell curve to elude the attack.

The best of the Abu Dhabi dives!


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