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Dive logs for Vance Stevens, P.A.D.I. Open Water SCUBA Instructor #64181

Abu Dhabi, May 25, 2000
Dives 345 and 346

Diving with: Ebrahim at Meridien, AB Divers
Dive site: Ras Al Ghurab

Dive buddies: Michael Gallanaugh (and Russell Bowen on first dive)

Others in dive party: Dusty and Omar, diving 1st time on their own

Others at site: Ebrahim, Sarah, Emirati divers, a British lady and Italian guy


Sea condition: mild

Water temp: 29

Visibility: poor, 4-6 meters

Wetsuit combo: lycra suit and Typhoon longsleeve top 1st dive, but ditched top the second

Weight: needed: 8 kg first, but passed 2 to Mike, 6 second, ended with 4

Data from dive computer:

Dive 345 - 5.5 meters for 52 min. =

Surface interval: 53 min.

Dive 346 Ė-4.6 meters for 40 min =


Kind of uneventful diving.First dive vis particularly bad. Lots of algae and grass accumulated on seabed sweeping back and forth with tide and currents gave impression of rocks moving.Second dive, vis was better, and boat was by then positioned over coral heads, more interesting than the first dive.First dive, we headed out on SE heading, returned on NW more or less, came up far from boat and had Mike do cramp removal and snorkel reg exchanges on the way back in.Russell was with us and was very good with keeping an eye on Michael, restoring his octopus to proper place, things like that.

Second dive, Russell went with Dusty and Omar, who were diving by themselves for the very first time (without Dad).Mike and I swept over the coral heads, vis decent here, until we reached the sandy edge.Here we became enamored of the shoals of snappers and other fish moving through, the juvenile parrots, and the occasional big batfish that came up to us.Eventually we settled in the sand.Mike was having trouble with buoyancy, and also concerned about urchins in the sand, found it hard to settle.I had him toss a reg away and he got it back but didnít blow bubbles so I had him do it again, but he was light and by the time he got around to repeating the exercise, didnít know what it was for exactly.I indicated a partial mask flood and he did a full one.I should have had him do a partial and a full, but he was having no trouble with clearing, not bothered with having water in the mask, so I let it go.He was in control of his airways ok.Then we did a shared air exercise with me grabbing his reg.It had been a while since heíd done the course so he didnít remember the routine all that well, and I had to prompt him, but again he was in possession of whatever it was he was doing.Finally we attempted fin pivots but Mike wasnít much in control of that and after a while it became one of those things, well letís get on with the dive and weíll talk it through later (he wasnít using lung volume, I guess Ė starting out first dive he was at the surface a bit, but he worked it out to stay down by end of dive; here again, he was getting buoyancy together, just not able to fin pivot to standard, best to let it go for now. )

We went back to the reef and I collected the porites coral samples requested by Steve Coles.I felt a bit bad about cutting the coral, but I guess it was for a proper cause.Then Mike grabbed my reg and we surfaced with it.The boat was far off and we took a heading on it, 330 degrees.Mike decided to try and compass underwater for the boat, and we descended quickly because Ebrahim had started the engines and I didnít want him coming for us.So Mike took out on heading, veered right angle left and I recovered him and straightened him out, and we kept on course for a while over the best parts of the reef and eventually came up under the shadow of the boat. I was very impressed with Mikeís compass work (he was using mine, I had no way to check).†† But then I realized they had moved the boat after all and come to us.

Still, Mike did a great job for a first time diver.Needs work on buoyancy, and thereísa bit of surface work for the next one, but heís doing fine.


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