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Dive Logs for Vance Stevens
PADI open water scuba instructor #64181
Dive 425-426
January 3, 2002
Khor Fakkan, UAE
Martini Rock and the Pinnacles

Diving with: Scuba 2000, Badiya
Dive buddies: Flor Pesigan, and Bobbi and Dusty
Others in dive party: Scott (friend of Roald's), Bob Campbell, Hazm (friend of Flor's)
Conditions: balmy, pleasant
Visibility: mediocre
Wetsuit combo: 5 mm farmer johns and Typhoon top
Weight:12 kg, carrying 2 kg extra just in case
Diving from:Scuba 2000 boat, Dadan in command

My 425th Logged Dive since 1991

Dive site: Martini Rock
Training conducted: Flor Pesigan's next to last Open Water dive

Data from dive computer:

Interval on computer from previous dive: nil

Time down on dive computer: 12:32
Max depth: 18.4 meters
Time started up from chart: 39 min.
Dive time from computer: 40 min
Min Temp: 24° C
Nitrox 21% (normal air), no deco

PSI/Bar in: 220
PSI/Bar out: 80

Pressure group out, from tables or wheel: n/a

Description of dive:

Seas were a bit choppy causing stress at the beginning as Flor needed to do a weight check and in fact she couldn't sink so we had to call up to Dadan for another weight on her belt (she did weight removal and replacement at that point). Dusty and Bobbi and Flor were all bunched at the anchor line and not comfortable but eventually we got everyone under. Flor had trouble with ears on descent and kept going up into the void, but eventually I got her over to the rock and started pointing out the morays, me looking for a flat spot to do Flor's exercises. We found one at around 14 meters, and Flor flooded and cleared her mask and did a fin pivot on oral inflation. Soon we had spiraled to a depth of around 18 meters, where I saw pipe fish and scooted some Flor's way. We returned higher up after that and saw rainbow wrasse and puffers, not sure what else, but more morays and lots of pretty stuff.

We passed by Shark Island on the way back and had a snorkel in search of the sharks that had been spotted there recently. Nothing sited. We then returned to the dive shop and blew our tanks.

Surface interval: 2 hrs 5 min
Pressure group at start of repetitive dive:
on computer, n/a

My 426th Logged Dive since 1991

Dive site: Pinnacles
Training conducted: Flor Pesigan's final Open Water dive for certification

Data from dive computer:

Time down on dive computer: 15:20
Max depth: 12.0 meters
Time started up from chart: 45 min.
Dive time from computer: 47 min.
Min Temp: 24° C
Nitrox 21% (normal air), no deco

PSI/Bar in: 200
PSI/Bar out: 70

Pressure group out, from tables or wheel: n/a

Description of dive:

A really nice dive, lots of morays again. Due to current we were confined to north side of Pinnacles. We went down at the north mooring and turned the corner at depth on the east side where we saw a large ray (in fact, everyone saw it but me, but Flor gave a good gesture indicating ray, and I went back and found it half buried in the sand, at which point it decided to ripple off the seabed out to open water). The current picked up considerably till at the point where you start going west we were fighting it, clear that Flor would not do well in a compass exercise here. Where we headed westerly there were a bunch of barracuda around. My intent was to push through the rocks, but there was a lot of surge near the surface. We went for it and cleared to the other side, Flor doing fine, and my family tagging along as always. On the west side of the rocks we got calmer conditions, and Flor went out on a west heading and returned to apprx the same spot, doing just fine. We headed to the north but again encountered current and rather than get lost in it I decided to push back east. I hadn't intended to but we returned exactly the same gap we had come over, but this time found several flounders on the east side. Flor low on air by now, we went back to deeper water and rounded the rocks on the northeast corner, coming up near the boat as per my plan.

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