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Vance's Personal Dive Log for the year 2002

Vance Stevens, P.A.D.I. Open Water SCUBA Instructor #64181

Logs from: 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002
Date Logged Dive # Location Diving with Trainees and buddies
January , 2002 425-426 Khor Fakkan Scuba 2000 Dived with Bobbi and Dusty; Flor Pesigan's Open Water Dives 3 and 4 for O/W certification
April 26, 2002 427-428 Abu Dhabi: The Lion City and Jasim BSAC Buddies: Bobbi and Ron, BSAC Diver and PADI Asst. Instructor
May 3, 2002 429-430 80 km NNW of Abu Dhabi: Sir Abu Nu'air BSAC Buddy: Dick Steer
May 10, 2002 431-432 Mother of Mouse and Lima Rock Arranged by 7 Seas Bob Campbell (final Advanced O/W Certification dive)
May 24, 2002 433-434 Oman: Fahal Island DivEco, Muscat Bobbi, fun dives
May 30, 2002 435-436 Khor Fakkan: Dibba Rock, Pinnacles Scuba 2000 Bobbi, Dave Propst, Kevin Rooney fun divers; Jonathan Langley and Mike Lake's PADI Open Water Dive #1; Dave Propst, Kevin Rooney night dive
May 31, 2002 437 Khor Fakkan: Martini Rock Scuba 2000 Bobbi, Dave Propst fun divers; Mike Lake's PADI Open Water Dive #2
June 7, 2002 438-439 Abu Dhabi: Inside the breakwater Dolphin Divers, Intercon Spencer Pugh fun dives; Mike Parry's PADI Open Water Dive #1 (plus 1 fun dive); Mike Lake's PADI Open Water Dives #3 and #4 for certification
June 14, 2002 440-441 Abu Dhabi: Ruwais, something Duke Wk Abdullah's boat Fun dive: buddied with Randy and Ahmed, Firas and ..
June 28, 2002 442-443 Abu Dhabi: Old Cement Barge and Outside Breakwater (Bateen Box) Blue Dolphin Sandra Bushnaq's final Open Water dive for certification; Mike Parry's 2nd and 3rd Open Water training dives
July 4-5, 2002 444-446 Khor Fakkan: Shark Island, Dibba Rock, Pinnacles Scuba 2000 Mike Parry's 4th Open Water training dive, for certification. Jonathan Langley's 2nd, 3rd and 4th Open Water training dives (for certification); Nadir Bushnaq, aborted discovery dive. Dave Propst and Ali Bushnaq along for fun.
July 11-12, 2002 447-448
Oman, Damaniyite Islands: Fed and Jun Islands, Quwais and Little Jun DivEco Fun fun FUN diving with Russell Bowen and Dave Propst
July 19, 2002 451-452 Abu Dhabi: Sir Bu Nair Island ADSAC Fun dive with Mike Parry - tried to make it out to Sir Bu Nair again in September with BSAC but the waves forced us to abort the trip
September some time 453-454 Musandam, couple of coves between Dibba and Fish Head Rock Hired one of Ali's Oman-regsitered boats Fun dive Bobbi and Dusty, our first dive with Jerry's crew
Oct 3-4, 2002 455-458 Damaniyite Islands in Oman DivEco Fun diving with Bobbi and Dusty and Dave Propst

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