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Computer Games Dusty Likes

Dusty is a real aficionado of computer games. He seems particularly keen on Lucas Arts games and liked to go to Barnes & Noble's in San Jose just so he could copy down hints out of the strategy books for X-Wing Fighter and games like that. One of Dusty's all-time favorites is probably Myst, and he and Dad have logged on to the Myst Help pages for some father and son webcrawls. Dad is often involved in Dusty's game habit, and can spend whole weekends trying to get Dusty's latest CD-ROM configured and running given memory and device constraints of the aging family 486/33, and equally DOS un-friendliness of our newer Pentium II model. One of the most simpatico games I've seen for Dusty is Secrets of the Rainforest (Sierra), though he and Bobbi seemed to like Where in the World is Carmen San Diego (Broderbund).

Actually, this piece is a bit dated, and Dusty's tastes in games have changed. He now surfs the web for his own cheats in Myst, for example.

I'm hoping Dusty will write here something about his favorite games, but this might fall into the same category for him as cleaning out the garage was for Mom and Dad, since this is Dad's idea, not his. I think Dusty would rather play his games than describe them


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