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Introducing Technology

This page was meant to be geared toward links to sites where newcomers to technology are brought up to speed, as opposed to from sites where those already familiar with computers are introduced to techniques of using the web and Internet. However, this distinction has blurred recently.

This site aims to introduce teachers to the gamut of technology, including the Internet: the ICT4LT site at Everything you want to know about CALL is there. Look at for a list of all the modules.

To begin with: A clear statement on coming to grips with technology has been prepared by Jack Treuhaft, Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. See how to begin, or direct other beginners to Square One, at:

Newbies and experienced users as well, be sure to check out the ESLoop!


Word Processing

Getting Students Started with Word Processing was the Technology Tip of the Month for August, 1997, at

There is a comprehensive Word tutorial at Xenu Link Sleuth reports 404 Not Found July 26, 2002


Some online CALL courses

These courses typically carry users into Internet and WWW, but what is common to the listings below is that they start at a level prior to that.

A course on Characteristics of Computer-Based Instructions. Started in May 1997 under auspices of Temple U., Japan. You can get a reading list, some of it "hot", plus descriptions of other components of the course, link to Temple U., and explore other web resources. Rick Heimbach: Xenu Link Sleuth reports 404 Not Found July 26, 2002

Truna's course on Technology and Second Language Learning is outlined here. There are links starting at Week 7 (which happens to be where Internet kicks in). Check out the sites for learning HTML. Truna's (aka J. Turner) course Xenu Link Sleuth reports 404 Not Found July 26, 2002

Other sites initiating Newbies

Billed as a "one-stop site for teacher trainers" this site links to the standard URLs, plus models a way of presenting teacher training: Xenu Link Sleuth reports 403 Forbidden Request July 26, 2002

Susan Gaer is developing a series of lessons that help ESL students develop computer literacy skills along with language skills. Her web page is accessible at: Xenu Link Sleuth reports 404 Not Found July 26, 2002

Some readings

In the summer of 1996, I taught in the Oregon State University English Language Institute's Summer Technology Seminars, teaching those new and relatively new to CALL (computer-assisted language learning) courses in beginning with CALL and in CALL Evaluation, Implementation and Use.

David Rosen of the Literacy Resource Center of Boston Mass has done a study on technology and student and teacher use. It can be found at

Office of Technology Assessment's Adult Literacy and New Technologies: Tools for a Lifetime. The OTA fell victim to congressional budget axe, but you might still be able to order a copy of the publication. It's broader than just ESL, but addresses adult ESL quite a few times, with several anecdotes and good references to further reading. You can download all 200+ pages in Acrobat Reader PDF format from Xenu Link Sleuth reports 504 Timeout waiting for Gateway July 26, 2002

The Milken Family Foundation/ISTE study on the (lack) of uses of IT in schools of education is at

The following are suggested by Mike Ledgerwood, 13 May 1999, TEACHTECH LIST

Ervin, Gerard. 1993. Can Technology Fulfill Its Promise? IALL Journal of Language Learning Technologies. Vol. 26, No.2.

Dockstader, Jolene. 1999. Teachers of the 21st Century Know the What, Why, and How of Technology Integration. T.H.E. Journal, (Feb 99) - tech and content-based teaching, integration of tech, K-12, no FL examples but one that could be appropriate for ESL. Xenu Link Sleuth reports 404 Not Found July 26, 2002

Garrett, Nina. 1991. Technology in the Service of Language Learning: Trends and Issues. The Modern Language Journal, 75, i.

Hanson-Smith, Elizabeth. 1997. Technology in the Classroom: Practice and Promise in the 21st Century. TESOL Publications. (Feb 99) Xenu Link Sleuth reports 504 Timeout waiting for Gateway July 26, 2002

McGrath, Beth. 1998. Partners in Learning: Twelve Ways Technology Changes the Teacher-Student Relationship. T.H.E. Journal. Web Document, (Feb 99) Xenu Link Sleuth reports 404 Not Found July 26, 2002

Shrum, Judith and Eileen Glisan. 1994. Using Technology to Support Contextualized Language Instruction. In Teacher's Handbook, Contextualized Language Instruction.

Warschauer, Mark and Deborah Healey. 1998. Computers and language learning: an overview. Language Teaching. 31, 57-71. Cambridge University Press, (Feb 99) Xenu Link Sleuth reports 404 Not Found July 26, 2002

Clifford, Ray. 1998. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Reflections on Computer Assisted Language Learning. CALICO Journal. Vol. 16. No. 1. Pp1-10.

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