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Resources for Moderators and Facilitators of Online Discussion:; Berge Collins Associates, page compiled in the course of Mauri Collins's dissertation research. This document provides abstracts and links to articles and web pages on various aspects of starting, managing, using, and maintaining listservs and online discussion groups.


In addition to Altavista, Excite, Hotbot, and Infoseek ...

Deja News


You can start your own listserv.

More information elsewhere in this site

To search for subscription, unsubscription and posting information regarding mailing lists -

Fairly comprehensive information about getting on to discussion lists pertaining to computers, languages, and linguistics can be found at:

Kristina Pfaff-Harris has a few ESL/EFL-related lists listed at: You can even subscribe or unsubscribe on this page.

Some Listservs for Language Educators

Association of Internet Researchers (organization and e-mail list)


Betaville is a forum on multimedia in education. The forum is at Betaville


Dr. Steven W. Simpson manages the Edbriefs site and list. He notes:

FOR A FREE SUBSCRIPTION send an e-mail message to <>, leave the subject area of your e-mail message blank, and type "subscribe" as the message (without the quotation marks). Visit our Web site at ( and review our lists of on-line education resources, our educators' book store, and more. Copyright March 16, 1998, Dr. Steven W. Simpson, Simpson Communications


Educational resources available on the internet and web, managed by Arun Tripathi

For subscription, send a blank message to

An archive of all of the messages sent to the list is available at

For online subscription, visit

Ed Tech email discussion list


Send email to: In message or subject (not sure; try both) write: subscribe educom Your Name

Innovate mailing list

From a Webheads posting March 2006: If you are a MA/PhD student at the departments of English Language Teaching or English Language and Literature, or if you are a researcher in either of these fields, the forum below will be great source for you.


See for information on how to subscribe to NETEACH-L, TESLCA-L and other relevant mailing lists.

To become a member of NETEACH-L, send the following command via email to

sub neteach-l Your Name

for example,

sub neteach-l Mickey Mouse

In June 2005 the Neteach-l homepage was given as:

Neteach Archives

Neteach archives are organized around a couple dozen topics annotated with brief descriptions, files sizes, and dates. The archives were / are? kept at:

Nick Noakes, Neteach Archivist, posted the following information in Neteach 442, January 15, 1998:>

To retrieve any of the files listed below, please send the following as the body of a message (without a signature) to <>:

                        get listproc/neteach-l FILENAME /fun

For example, to obtain the file called "EMAIL," send to the listserv address:

                        get listproc/neteach-l EMAIL /fun

Any questions about the content or organization of the NETEACH-L archives should be sent to the NETEACH-L Archivist, Nick Noakes <>. Technical or other NETEACH-L questions should be addressed to the list owners, Karla Frizler <> or Ron Corio <>. Happy reading! :)



BOOKFILE References to Internet books and articles. (06/14/97) 90KB

C-CLASS Postings on the computer classroom. (06/14/97) 75KB

CENSOR        A discussion about censoring student access. (06/14/97) 20KB

COPYRITE A long and sometimes inflammatory discussion on copyright issues concerning email and Internet material. (8/30/96) 110KB

DAEDALUS Use of Daedalus software in teaching. (05/31/96) 30KB

DISTDEV        General postings on ESL teacher development courses at a distance. (06/14/97) 10KB

E-BIBLIO Postings on electronic biliographical format and information. (06/14/97) 35KB

EMAIL                        Use of e-mail in teaching. (06/14/97) 60KB

ENCYDICT    General postings about online dictionaires, encyclopedias and corpora. (06/14/97) 10KB

HTMLEDIT     Use of HTML in teaching--very detailed and technical. (06/14/97) 100KB

LISTNEWS     Use of discussion lists and newsgroups in teaching. (12/30/96) 53KB

MOOTEACH  General postings on using MOOs in teaching. (06/14/97) 65KB

MOOTECH                 Technical aspects of using MOOs in teaching. (06/14/97) 55KB

NETERMS                  Internet terms & related discussions. (07/30/96) 19KB

NETEACH                  Using the Internet in teaching--general. (12/15/96) 76KB

NETECH                     Technical aspects (general) of using the Internet in teaching. (1/22/96) 7KB

NETRAIN       Online schools and discussions on technical training for teachers. (05/31/96) 25KB

NETWARE     Discussions of miscellaneous software. (06/14/97) 85KB

PEDAGOGY   Pedagogical justifications for using the Internet in teaching. (07/31/96) 43KB

NETvCALL A lively discussion on the differences of CALL vs the Internet. (05/31/96) 68KB

WEBPUB                    Using the process of creating students webpages in teaching. (06/14/97) 35KB

WEBTEACH   Pedagogical aspects of using the World Wide Web (WWW) in teaching. (06/14/97) 135KB

WEBTECH      Technical aspects of using WWW in teaching. (06/14/97) 80KB

WEBTRAIN Discussions on how to introduce the WWW to teachers and students. (06/27/96) 18KB

Papyrus News

Papyrus News is a free e-mail distribution list run by Mark Warschauer. Subscribers will receive 3-5 messages a week on topics related to the global impact of information technology on language, literacy, and education. To subscribe, send the message "subscribe papyrus-news Yourfirstname Yourlastname" (without the quotation marks, and substituting your own name for Yourfirstname Yourlastname) to <>. For further information, see


Send email to, or go to and subscribe by entering your email number above the subscribe button under the words "free newsletter!".

PCWebopaedia at is a great source of information on PC and network



TEFL Professional Network

The TEFL Professional Network sends job announcements regularly to anyone who signs on their mailing list (and they also send unsolicited announcements to everyone on the Neteach list). The TPN Career Database System is completely free of charge (no password is required), simply input your job search criteria at Using the free InstApply service, you may also send your online cv/resume and letter of application to any employer worldwide. InstApply information is available at


See for information on how to subscribe to NETEACH-L, TESLCA-L and other relevant mailing lists.

a. To join TESL-L and/or its branches Send the following command as mail to LISTSERV@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU

SUBscribe TESL-L yourfirstname yourlastname

For example: SUB TESL-L Bill Clinton

To join a branch, substitute the name of the branch for TESL-L. You can join TESL-L and one or more branches in one single message to LISTSERV; you just put each command on a separate line.

Here's the text of my own sign-on message. I join TESL-L, then join TESLCA-L, set TESL-L where I don't get any messages, and then set TESLCA-L so I can get the digest each day and not individual emails.

SUB TESL-L Vance Stevens
SUB TESLCA-L Vance Stevens
set TESL-L nomail
set TESLCA-L digest


Write to the following address: You need to leave the subject-line BLANK

In the body, you can write (for example):


and - on another line (etc., if you wish):


TESOL lists, click here

The TESOL Arabia Email List

This is a list for for announcements and discussion of matters pertaining to all TESOL Arabia members & others interested in English language teaching.

To subscribe, send a BLANK email message to: or visit:

There may be more information at the TESOL Arabia Website at:

Tower Tipsheet

The Tower of English distributes The Tower Tipsheet, which will send out (via email) a new web site recommendation for students every day (Mon-Fri). The Tipsheet will strive to introduce students to a wide variety of appropriate Internet resources (both ESL and non-ESL).Teachers will find it to be a valuable resource as well. (Douglas DeLong)


WELL is Web Enhanced Language Learning. See for further information.

Yahoo Groups

Some Yahoo Groups that I follow (or would like to ;-):

ZDNet Newsletters

To subscribe or unsubscribe to any ZDNet newsletter, go to

Example ZDNet Newsletters are:

Software Express

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