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Resources for cleaning out dead links

These sites can help you track down dead links on your web page (if the links to any of these places are still active). - This is a neat utility. Enter the URL for one of your web pages, and it'll check the spelling, check for dead links and more. - Heidi Shetzer

Mark Peterson writes: "List members might want to check out "Doctor HTML" a rather good web page analysis tool. The URL is as follows:"

From Software Express, Feb 1999: Linkbot, Analyze Web pages and hyperlinks, for Windows 95, 98, or NT,

At the TUCOWS site you will find several different link checking software. There is one that is particularly good- LINKBOT. Also, if you use NETSCAPE there is a "What's New" function in your bookmark file menu. This will also check all of your bookmarks to tell which ones have been updated, but it won't tell you which ones are now 404 and such -- Nettie

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