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Vance's Recent Personal Dive Log

Vance Stevens, P.A.D.I. Open Water SCUBA Instructor #64181

I started keeping this computerized record when I moved to Abu Dhabi in 1997. Somehow in that move, my handwritten dive log had been misplaced and didn't turn up for another year (it had been stuffed in my hiking backback for the move, between the seams, and I'd since inadvertently carried it up and down mountains, like Kinabalu in Sabah, and around Jebel Akhdar in Oman). Although the logbook with its stamps and signatures makes a nice personalized and witnessed record of dives logged, ink smears (esp. around water) and I realized by almost losing it that it does not make a permanent record. I have since got into the habit of logging my dives on my laptop, which I usually have with me, and where the files with the logs can be backed up (like, on the Internet), and if I appear at a dive resort without my logbook, I can have the dive shop look it up on the web.

I actually don't know how many dives I've done because I began diving in 1966 when it was not inculcated into divers that they should keep logs (and we didn't have backpacks, bcd's, or octopus regs back then either, or even pressure gauges on our dive cylinders – we used j-valves!).

Here are some of the places I can remember going before 1991, and the approximate years:

It was not until after I moved to Oman and resumed diving seriously in the 90's that I started logging my dives. Since then, I can account for almost 500 dives.

Since my arrival in Abu Dhabi, you can find my logs here ...

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