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Volterre: Linda Thalman's Most Excellent Newsletter

Linda Thalman periodically produces a newsletter called Volterre. Besides being a reliable source of weather information in Paris at any given moment, Linda's Links look something like this.


First of all, find the newsletter housed at Or, you could back up a step and check the travel and education links at Voltaire's base:

Check out the Web Links for Teachers. (From a recent announcement: Stories in the News and English-Language News Sources, by John McVicker, Ohio University)

There are also Web Links for Learners. A recent feature is a University of Victoria English Language Centre Online English Writing Course, by Martin Holmes. Martin produces excellent software which he generously makes available to other practitioners, so he's worth getting to "know" online.


Linda says that WICE offer innovative, high-quality continuing education classes and cultural programs, as well as many services and resources. WICE is a non-profit volunteer association dedicated to the English-speaking community in Paris. You can register for WICE's courses and programs online!


Another recent announcement: "Formavision, in partnership with the Centre Nationale d'Enseignement Distance (CNED) has put up two teacher files and two student files (in French) of two videofilms on basic communication for free downloads from the Formavision web site. The workbooks are written by teachers in the French education system and are aimed at high school students and adult learners."

Cybercafé Expolangues

Cybercafé Expolangues in early 1997 was organised by Linda Thalman of Web France International. Its homepage is still at

Here are some URL's of sites related to French, French studies and the French-speaking World, from one of the documents associated with the above conference prepared by Pierre-Alain LARUE,

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