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Rafting the Willamette

Part of our trip to Oregon in the summer of 1996

We had two days of family outings while we were in Oregon. Sunday was a day off, so the 4 of us and Deborah rented a raft and drove it up Highway 126 which runs alongside the MacKenzie River. We left a car at the lower end, put in up river, and rafted through moderately rapid white water for several hours, ending in the brief rush of a grade one and a half (or maybe a 2; probably a 3 or 4 on low water days). It was great fun, especially for Dusty, because it was his first ever rafting experience. Bobbi and Glenn had rafted long ago in Montana. Vance, who rafted the real stuff in Brazil and did the Zambezi below Victoria Falls a few years back, was nevertheless charmed by the boatload of unbelievably attractive coeds with a "river guide" at the oars who eased by us while attacking with deluges of water which Glenn did his best to counter with bail bucket wielded from prow. Now THAT could only happen in Oregon!

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