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The Firewall in the Mind (Slide 22) Serendipitous outcomes in the workshop: video

But when it comes to software and hardware tools, it's difficult to explain the need, or at least that has been my experience. Now for example, in hindsight, I can make a brilliant case for having a computer-based language lab, but I'm finding it harder right now to get across why I think teachers should have access to video editing equipment and software. This is the problem. They don't edit video at the moment, so why should we pay a lot of money to buy them the tools to make possible what they don't do at present, what they don't even know how to do.

What would you do if a director of one of your schools came to you with a proposal to put ten percent of the school's technology budget into video editing software, plus enough equipment to get the video on and off the devices it must be stored on. Would you bog the request down in an impossible to conceive justification which you would then use as a basis for denial, or would you okay the request on the assumption that the teachers you had carefully hired would be able to take this equipment and push the facility to the next level of development?

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