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The Firewall in the Mind (Slide 24)
Guiding principle 1 - Technology should be seamless: accumulating the ingredients

As in a well appointed workshop, craftsmen have the tools they need in the places and at the times they need them. As this concerns a CALL facility, the teachers have networked computers and peripheral devices available to them wherever they are working. Specifically, each teacher has a computer on his desk, in each classroom, and in all CALL labs. From any of these locations, teachers (and students) can access and write to a central server so that the effect is to have the computer at the craftsman's fingertips throughout the workday.

This concept has evolved at the MLI to the point where the various components of our curriculum are now on the server, not only accessible from any locale, but linkable to integrated multimedia and Internet components. The goal, or ideal really, is to approach the point where people think only marginally about the technology that drives the process and primarily about the process of teaching and learning in an environment where computers, scanners, printers, photography and video equipment, etc. are in the ever-present background and at the craftsmen's fingertips.

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