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The Firewall in the Mind (Slide 27)
Serendipitous outcomes: the ERP phenomenon

Many people come to us at the MLI, or write to the lists many of us follow, such as NETEACH-L or TESLCA-L, and ask what they can buy or what we can suggest off-the-shelf to enable them to replicate our success. I have to tell them that it is not be possible for anyone to do that without going back to the roots of their own administration support and staffing and attitudes toward staff and curriculum development.

Probably the most influential piece of software for us has been Hot Potatoes, free software that anyone can easily find and download from the Internet. But our teachers have adapted this software according to the principles above, and what they learned led eventually to our second most influential suite of software packages, our in-house Student and Teacher Centers which centralize the development and delivery of all aspects of our curriculum.

How these outcomes were achieved is best explained through an analysis of the ingredients that went into the mix, and how the mixture was nurtured. It would be impossible to obtain such a product without coming to grips with the process of its development.

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