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The Firewall in the Mind (Slide 30)
Serendipitous outcomes: cat herders

Someone once commented at the MLI that we were like ants, scurrying off all the time in all directions. He meant it as a commentary on my coordination, but I took it as a compliment, since ants are capable of building remarkable structure. But coordinating such a facility is sometimes not unlike herding cats.

Let's take a look into one part of this anthill and see how some of these parts come together. One offshoot of the ERP work has been a database of multimedia materials which we can integrate into our materials development at the MLI. Teachers can call up the database select a video from it, and link to it, or view it and provide feedback to next user. Here is an example of an adaptation of the Hot Potatoes template to incorporate video at the MLI. This particular example is from Scott Marriott, who has been making himself one of our resident experts on this kind of development.

Filesize = 4 mbytes On laptop: herders/catherders2.htm This link is working January, 2005:

This was the original link. It opens a Hot Potatoes page which links in turn to the previous location of this video. The link no longer works and is preserved here for archival purposes only:

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