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The Firewall in the Mind (Slide 34)
Webheads: you can join us if you like!

As I say, I first met these people in 1998. In January of 1999 I had the idea that rather than me keep track of who was in the class I'd let Egroups do it and have the students manage their own participation, so I shut down English for Webheads and brought it right back up as Writing for Webheads, and this is where we have started keeping more or less accurate records of who has been with us in the class. I called it writing for Webheads because I had by then had the idea of publishing student writings on their web pages, and if you browse the site you can find copious examples of that.

We in fact meet in three places. First there is the website which I just mentioned where students can post their writing. Then there is the egroup, or what is now called YahooGroups. There has been a constant stream of traffic on our list over the years. And finally, we meet each week at noon GMT, and any of you are welcome to join us any time you wish - you can find out how at the top of the pages I just showed you.

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