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The Firewall in the Mind (Slide 44)
Webheads and teaching professionals: the solution of online participation at conferences

So enter Webheads to help me solve my problem. Webheads has presented at several conferences throughout the world, and by throughout the world, I mean that I have been in one place or another in the world, my colleagues are in their disparate locations and students sometimes join us from theirs, and walk-in participants might drop in from anywhere at all. There's Peter in Japan for example, and Dave in China. One name that I remember popping up at our Barcelona presentation was Eric Baber

Now Eric also participates in various lists that I follow, and he happened to mention in response to someone who had asked about streaming media that you needed certain applications running on your server, he had them, and he would be willing to make them available for such purposes as were sought by the person who had made the enquiry. I wrote Eric immediately and asked him if he could make his server available to Sophie in order to put our conference online and he readily agreed. And since then, Eric has been extremely helpful. He's written the interface with the frame up top and the chat at the bottom and packaged everyone's presentations to fit it. And now I'd like you to meet Eric.

This presentation is therefore a perfect example of serendipitous outcomes precipitating from accumulating appropriate technological tools and taking the time to gain some experience with them. So I can say that without Webheads, I doubt very much that I would be with you all here today.

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