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The Firewall in the Mind (Slide 48)
In conclusion: no more TENOR or ENSP either!

The good news is there is also no more TENOR or ENSP (Reference for TENOR is in Warshauer, Shachter, and Meloni; and for ENSP I am also grateful to Zafar Syed, who also thinks he came up with the title for my talk, although I recall that it was an idea I had during the course of a thoughtful conversation with him as we shared the same zone of proximal development - he wanted me to mention it at any rate)

These acronyms, by the way, mean Teaching English for No Obvious Reason, and English for No Specific Purpose. Now that we are all having to cope with technology, there is always something to talk about in a language class. (Need help with working the computer? Get your students to show you! - I often tell people).

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