Vance's e-Zguide "10 steps to creating simple HTML files" Step 9 Changing font size
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    <TITLE>Vance's web page</TITLE>
    <P><B><I>Navigation:</B></I> <A HREF="../participants.htm">Back to the participants' page</A><BR>
    <A HREF="*vance@cyprus2001">Go to this workshop's main page</A></P>
    <FONT SIZE="+1"><P>Hi, my name is Vance.</FONT ><BR>
    <I>I'm a teacher.</I></P>
    <P><IMG SRC="vance.jpg"></P>

Try it: Compare step 8 with this page.

Concept: How to change font size


What's coming: We're almost to step 10 now. All we have left is to learn how easy it is to draw lines and center objects.

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