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Community members enrolled in EVOnline2002_webheads Yahoo Group
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  name affiliation / email / Yahoo / webpage(s) remarks (up to 100 words)
  Anne Fox
Yahoo ID: foxdenuk
I started teaching English in 1996 after moving to Denmark in 1993 from Britain. The vocational training centre where I first found part time work is very keen on distance and open learning and I have had some great ICT training and opportunities to experiment with online course development. I have just finished the online element of an oral skills course so the issue of building an online community is very pertinent to me right now. Since my institution has just bought the WIMBA VoiceBoard system (on my recommendation) it looks as though they believe that this is the future. The website for helping learners of French is a hobby (I am half French). My course website is password protected and partly in Danish.
Aiden Yeh Lecturer, Shir Chien University, Taiwan; EFL Teacher
Yahoo ID: aidenyeh
I graduated from the University of Surrey with a degree in MSc in English Language Teaching Management. As to my position, i'm a lecturer at Shir Chien University in Taiwan and also teach EFL to young learners. I am also the moderator for 'Managing NS-NNS: Maintaining Equality in the Workplace. To join this group, please send an email to
  Alex Ding Team Leader in New Technologies Centre for English Language Education University of Nottingham
Ali Boumoussa
Yahoo ID: ali_boumoussa
Just call me Ali , that's easy to remember... I'm an English teacher trainer here in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. I have been mainly trained in applied linguistics and language teaching methodology. My IT/CALL training has been very very patchy and I think I'm still toddling at the CALL threshhold. I like swimming and, until further notice, cybersurfing too! And like Dave, I have my share in another tremendous job with our two daughters...but it's a lot of fun too.
Arif 'Rif' Altun
I am a teacher and academician (assistant professor) at the department of computers and instructional technology at a university in Turkey. I completed my dissertation work on Computer Assisted Language Learning at the university of Cincinnati.
  Ana Saravia Professor - Dept of Languages, Centro Universitario Newton Paiva, Belo Horizonte, Brazil -
Yahoo id: anamsaravia
I'm relatively new to CALL so this is a great opportunity for me to learn more. I hold an MA in TESL/Linguistics from Iowa State University and I'm planning to return to the same university for a PhD in Instructional Technology next Fall, which makes this online session even more important to me. I've been teaching EFL and ESP in Brazil since 1995.
  Andrianna Jobin part-time Instructor, International Education Programs
Univeristy of California Riverside Extension

full-time Student, M.A. in Educational Technology
Cal State, San Bernardino
Yahoo ID: andriachan
Before coming to Riverside and after completing an RSA Certificate, I taught Conversational English in Taiwan for a couple of years. I am interested in applications of technology and telecommunications to autonomous learning, particularly for foreign students and adults.
  Nina Lyulkun vice president of TESOL Ukraine
Monica Aparicio
Yahoo ID: monicaparicio2002
I'm from Tandil, Argentina. Currently I 'm DOS of a private language school and I teach a few classes there. I'm coordinator of EFL department at a high school and conduct teacher training workshops in various places. My main areas of interest in the TESOL field are video and technology. I've been teaching EFL in my country for over 20 years. I got my MA in TESOL at Leicester University, UK. I wrote my thesis on the Use of the Internet as a resource for EFL teachers. I'm very interested in distance learning and teaching and right now I have started online teaching at Englishtown. I'm very excited about taking part in this workshop and hope to learn a lot.
A. Mehdi Riazi
Associate Professor
Dept. of Foreign Languages & Ling.
Shiraz University, Iran
yahoo ID: Mehdi_Riazi
I obtained my Ph.D. in second language education in 1995 from OISE/U of T. Since then I’ve been teaching at the dept. of foreign languages and linguistics of Shiraz University, Iran. I teach graduate courses mainly “research methods”, and “methodology”. I am interested in e-learning and in trying to find out the principles and usages.
Vitali Ashkinazi Associate Professor; Foreign Language Department
Saint Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Technology, St.Petersburg, Russia
Yahoo ID: ashvital
I teach future engineers and economists and I have a technical background. Last year after the 8th ESP AntiConference in St.Petersburg Russia a group for discussion of ESP ‘Burning Issues was organized (the site address is And now we are planning to produce a Web-based Journal ‘English for Specific Purposes World’ (ESP World) (A draft!)
Azzam Premji Med Education Technology and TESOL student
Manchester University, UK
Yahoo ID: azzam_p
I am a Canadian currently completing a masters in education degree at Manchester University, UK. I’ve taught English for about eight years in various countries: Japan, Sweden, Poland, Canada and England. I’m interested in CALL and online learning. I enjoy learning new languages but my passions are hiking and watching films. My home base is Vancouver, Canada.
Buthaina (Buth) Al Othman EFL teacher at the Language Center of Kuwait University
Yahoo ID esl_efl_ku
This message is to introduce myself and to greet everyone in this group. I got my Master of science in TESOL from State University of New York,(SUNY), Albany. I'm interested in the EVonline. Actually I joined some online IS last year. I found them very useful, although I couldn't participate in many discussions due to time pressure. I hope to hear from you soon. Best, Buthaina(you can call me Buth)
BJ Berquist
  Bridget Gersten U.S. Department of State Regional English Language Officer (RELO) in Tunis, Tunisia (wants to unsubscribe) (wants to subscribe)
Yahoo ID : bfgersten
I hold a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from Arizona State and an MA in TESL from the University of Arizona. I work in the areas of teacher and trainer training in ELT in North Africa and the Gulf. I am also involved in curriculum and materials design projects. My main interests are CALL, teacher education, and research in various areas related to language teaching and bilingualism. I look forward to joining this diverse, dynamic group and developing my expertise in CALL.
János Blasszauer Head of the English Department
Batthyány Gimnázium
(academic grammar school)
Yahoo ID: bjohnnyus
I am Janos Blasszauer (36), a father of two (the boy is 6 the girl is 5) living in the provincial town of Nagykanizsa, Hungary. I have been teaching English for ten years now. Currently, I am working at Batthyány Gimnázium (academic grammar school) where I am the head of the English department. I am also the EFL pedagogical advisor for the Zala County Pedagogical Institute. My main task as an advisor is to organise and give hands-on presentations for high school teachers in the county. I received my MEd degree in English at Pécs University. My thesis was written on Computer Supported Collaborative Projects.
Bobbie Hammock-McCall Student and Teacher (History, ESL, Technology Computer)
University of Colorado at Denver
Yahoo ID: Bobbieattegus
A greeting from Central America. I am an American teacher from Aurora Colorado presently teaching ESL and computers in Tegucigalpa Honduras. I have a BA in American History and an MA in secondary education and curriculum. My goal is to obtain a PhD in Caribbean cultural studies. I am very interested in Women (of color) gender and human rights issues. I hope to continue teaching and studying internationally next year preferable some where in the Caribbean.  
Chrys Betadam CALL Facilitator at Hawthorn English Language Centre
Melbourne University Private, Australia  
  Cathy Johnson  
Christine Bauer-Ramazani
Yahoo ID: cbauerramazani
online CALL course:  
  Hyunhee Cho  
Chris Fry English Teacher, The British Council Barcelona
Yahoo ID: Chris_Fry_Barcelona
ICQ: 1501362
I have worked in Barcelona for 30 years and have been interested in Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) for a few years. I teach on the free British Council LearnEnglish Chat for six hours a week, which I enjoy immensely and I am working for the British Council Global Village student community, which will be launched for our own students very soon. I know Webheads in Action: community formation will help me in both of these jobs. I have a Creative web cam Plus at home.  
Dan Bilitz Assistant Professor; Business Economics Discipline
Wisconsin Lutheran College; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Yahoo ID: dan_bilitz
I teach marketing and management courses. My research interests involve the use of technology in business education.
Doug Margolis
Yahoo ID: professorenglishkr
I teach English in Korea to first and second year students studying "tourism and information management." I'm also involved in developing a CALL program for the school and pursuing a research project regarding learning strategies in foreign language acquisition. The introductions from everyone else have been inspiring. I look forward from learning from you all.
Dafne González Associate Professor, Language Department
Universidad Simón Bolivar (USB), Caracas, Venezuela.


Yahoo ID: dygonza
Normally, I teach ESP for architecture students at Universidad Simon Bolivar, in Caracas, Venezuela. For the last two years, I have been in Valencia, Spain, pursuing doctoral studies at the "Universidad de Valencia". Since the topic for my thesis is evaluation in CALL, I thought this session would be an excellent opportunity for me, because I have to design and teach an on line unit and my only experience with on line courses was a one-month workshop I took (Evaluating Internet Resources). I am excited and eager to start this new learning experience.
Chris Jones Professor of ESL
Arizona Western College (AWC), Yuma, Arizona
yahoo ID - edtec2002
I've been teaching at this college for the past 14 years and have developed ESL courses in keyboarding, word processing and composition, using e-mail and the Internet. Recently, I took several graduate courses in educational technology and hence my yahoo ID.
  Emma Miliani de Ferrero  
  Nelba Quintana Moderator of the Virtual Community of English
Escuela de Lenguas-UNLP
  Dennis Miller ESL instructor, ESL Dept., Long Beach City College
Long Beach, California, USA
Yahoo ID: quijote90250
I teach ESL at Long Beach City College. Most of my classes are conducted in a computer assisted environment. At present, I teach mostly computer assisted composition for ESL students, but I have taught a variety of other levels including a three stint at the Centro Colombo-Americano in Bogota.  
  Elif Demirel PhD student, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff Arizona
Originally I am from Turkey. Before I started the PhD program in applied linguistics I was teaching English at a University in Turkey. My students are freshman students, 18 to 21 years. I did my MA in TEFL at Bilkent University in Turkey. I am interested in computer assisted language learning and my MA thesis was on CALL lab design. I use internet nearly everyday to serch for information and make reservations etc.. I think it makes our lives easier plus it has a lot to offer for language teaching.
  Fiona Thomas Director of Education
Santillana Net Languages, Barcelona, Spain
Yahoo ID: sant22ages
I work for a virtual language school known as Santillana Net Languages (linked to the International House World Organisation). We sell and run various English courses, which we have also written and programmed, and are about to launch some Spanish courses and Methodology courses. One of the key aspects of our courses is the creation and, more importantly, the maintenance of a lively language learning community. To do this we use various synchronous and asynchronous means of communication so anything I learn about other people's experience in virtual communities will be very interesting.
Gary Cziko Professor of Educational Psychology
University of Illininois at Urbana-Champaign
Yahoo ID: gcziko
I am interested in using synchronous and asynchromous voice communication over the Internet for foreign-language learning. I would to set up "language exchange" communities where individuals can learn each others' languages (for example, a community of both Americans learning Spanish and Mexicans learning English).
  Dave Singer Teacher of E.S.L
DeVry Institute of Technology, Chicago campus
Yahoo ID: glenngo60712
I am interested in history (I have a Ph.D. in this field), and related fields. Of course I am interested in linguistics, and have 30 sem. hrs. in this area but no degree. I have studied six foreign languages, and speak basic German. I am interested too in philosophy, and especially religious philosophy. Currently I teach E.S.L. at the DeVry Institute of Tech. in Chicago, and have other teaching jobs as well. I am married and have two daughters--who are a big job in themselves! I belong to the national and local TESOL organizations.
  Gregory Zak
Yahoo!ID: Plinius_Medium
At Gregory's request, on Jan 31, I tried to subscribe  
Ismail Fayed Program Specialist - Integrated English Language Program - II, (Educational Technology & Resources Unit), Cairo, Egypt,
Yahoo ID: ismailfayed
Ismail is a Program Specialist in the Educational Resources unit. He has a First grade Professional ELT diploma from Ain Shams Faculty of Education. He received his B.A. in ELT from Damietta Faculty of Specific Education, 1999. Currently, he is a part-time Specialized diploma student in the FOE, Ain Shams University. He is also a member of EgyptTesol's afiiliate organization and the Educational Technology Special Interest Group (EdTech S.I.G) membership coordinator
Shunichiro Ito
My full name is Shunichiro Ito. Ito is the last name. People call me Shun for short. I teache "Internet English" at a women's junior college in Tokyo. Syllabus includes theme based web exploration projects mostly with some synchro CMC as Vance and other members helped me to implement on Jan. 8 and 15.
James Farmer C.A.L.L. and I.C.T. Coordinator
La Trobe University Language Centre
Victoria 3086 Australia
Yahoo! ID: jamesnfarmer

My name's James/Jim (your choice) Farmer . You can get a rather dodgy picture of me (and some students work) at the bottom of:'s%20mail.html (I'm the one on the right!). I teach general and academic English at La Trobe University Language Centre where I also coordinate their CALL & ICT needs (from a pedagogical rather than technical POV). I ended up in Australia in January 2000 via Japan & the U.K. and am planning on staying here indefinitely. I'm extremely interested in 'unplugging' CALL (i.e. escaping from these huge materials driven CALL packages and looking at what really makes courses tick, i.e. people!), and Yahoo! groups usage in teacher development and with students as a big part of that. I'm looking forward to this!
Jane Pringle English Language Institute, UBC
Yahoo! ID: janewaycanada
I am currently teaching a weekly TV News Workshop at the English Language Institute at UBC in Vancouver, Canada. I am also tutoring privately while working on my Master's in Education through the distance program at Bircham University. I have been teaching for many years in a variety of countries, but have concentrated on esl since I 1999 when I graduated from the VCC TESL program. Since then I have taught in China and Vancouver. My interest is in the future of online learning in languages and thus my interest in this group. I look forward to sharing and learning from all of you!
  Carol Boehm aka carol lister Instructor continuing ed - ESL
San Diego Community College District
Yahoo ID: jbcarol
I have just moved back from North Carolina and am still living out of boxes. I've been teaching ESL at various levels to groups from community colleges, private schools, and universities (in Morelia Mexico). I have an MA in ESL and am almost finished with another MA in media education - media literacy. I've taken 5 classes (masters level) online and enjoyed each. I'd like to start a doctorate in communications someday when I have time. It's great to meet you all online!
John Steele Full Professor English Department
University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla
Yahoo ID: jhsteelepr
MSN Messenger: jhsteelepr
Tapped In: JohnSte (for my students) (Me and my family) (My first page - mostly links)
I have been teaching ESL at the UPR Aguadilla Campus for 23 years and have served both as department chair and as director of the campus Office of Academic Computing. I am studying my Ph.D. in English at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and will defend my dissertation this February. I am married, have three daughters, and 2-1/2 grandchildren (a girl, a boy and a boy who is due at the end of April). I have been a member of Writing for Webheads since September 2000.
  Joan Miller  
  Joe Lavallee  
not on list Feb 1 Steve Jones  
  Karen Caldwell Textbook writer, Instructor; Bilkent University School of English, Ankara, Turkey
Yahoo ID: karenefl
I'm an EFL teacher (Korea and Turkey) involved mainly in EAP (English for Academic Purposes). I'm currently working in Ankara and finishing up my MA from OISE/U of Toronto.
Keiko Schneider ESL Instructor, Department of Adult and Developmental Education
Albuquerque TVI community college, Albuquerque, NM, USA
YahooID: keikoschneider
Manager, SenseiOnline (really for Japanese teachers, some info for EFL):
You may have seen my Handbook to senseiOnline list that Vance wanted you to read regarding YahooGroups. Basically you can change senseiOnline to evonline2002_webheads, but please keep in mind that some settings and circumstances are different. (For example, senseiOnline is running for more than two years.). I look forward to the learning experience!
Pete MacKichan
I live in Thessaloniki, Greece. I've been teaching for 14 years in a wide variety of situations and roles. I now work as a freelance English language trainer and am (very) slowly moving into software/netware design.
  Lena Parshina
Yahoo ID: lena_parshina
I am an English Language teacher by Education. I have Masters degree in Education, and a Bachelor Degree in English. I am a Russian, with 2 kids and a husband. We are from Kazakhstan, the republic which borders the Russian Federation on the south. I worked as a high school teacher, then as a translator/interpreter. Now we live in Virginia USA. My husband is a great specialist, we are here on his working visa.
  Limin Lei  
  Lucimara Mello EFL teacher; currently a graduate student of Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Colorado at Denver
Instructional Designer, idzine Multilingual
I am Brazilian. I was an EFL teacher in Brazil (for 10 years). I moved to Colorado 3 years ago, and started an MA program in Information and Learning Technologies. Although I have been far from language teaching for the last couple of years, I want to make a link between language instruction, instructional design and technology. I'm currently launching my own business to offer Online, Instructional Design services to language schools and International corporations.
María Irene Albers de Urriola Lab coordinator, Faculty of Education
University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela
Yahoo ID: malbersdeurriola
At the moment I'm in the 2nd trimester of a specialization related to the use of computers applied to education here at the University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, though I've got a Masters in Applied Linguistics. I'm interested in CALL as I'm the Lab coordinator in the Faculty of Education, where we teach EFL in a teacher training program.
Michael Coghlan
  Mila Devel from Russia
  Maria Laura Rossi
Yahoo ID: mlaurarossi
Hi My name is Maria Laura Rossi. I'm an EFL teacher and teacher trainer in Argentina. I'm currently pursuing an MA in Education at the University of Bath, UK. I'm interested in online teaching, learning through games and different ways of enhancing students' self-esteem.
  Mary Ohno  
Nigel Caplan Masters candidate in TESOL, Graduate School of Education
Instructor, English Language Programs
Both at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA
yahoo id: nigelcaplan
I am originally from the north of England, now living, studying and teaching in the US. I am relatively new to CALL, and am participating in this group to find out if computers can give me something other than a headache. I am interested in the use of drama and literature in language teaching, mainly because that gives me a chance to indulge myself and call it a job. In my other life, I am a member (and the co-founder) of this Underground Shakespeare Company (, and will be making a rare stage appearance as the Welsh Captain in Richard II next month.  
  Peih-ying Lu Dear all, Due to the renovation of the internet system in my institute, my current e-mail address will be cancelled soon. Please use my yahoo email address from now. Thank you for your attention. My new e-mail address is
  Richard Boroto Director Centro Cultural Ecuatoriano Norteamericano "Abraham Lincoln"
Randa Effat Educational Technology Program officer
Integrated English Language Program II (IELPII), Cairo Egypt
Yahoo ID: reffat_2000
This is my fourth year working with IELP II as an Educational Technology Program Officer. Training teachers through videoconferencing and on effective use of computers in EFL. Formerly, I taught computer skills for primary students at Cairo American College. I received my M.A. in Curriculum & Teaching from Michigan State University.
Renata Chylinski CALL Coordinator at Monash University ELC
Melbourne, Australia
Renata's ESL/CALL Corner:
Renata's ESL/CALL Corner
I have been teaching languages in Europe and Australia for 20 years and have been involved in the implementation of CALL since its early stage. My expertise is in curriculum development and my passionate interest is in IT and language acquisition (and Astrology and Feng Shui). As a CALL Co-ordinator at Monash University English Language Centre I have designed CALL programs, mentored in a CALL-oriented program of Thailand - Australia Science and Engineering Assistance Project, was involved in co-authoring of the Real English CD ROM series and continued to learn and share experience with other CALL-excited professionals.
  Ron Fujihara Long Beach School for Adults
Yahoo ID: eaglerrf
I have been an ESL teacher for the past 10 years and I have been interested in integrating technology with our curriculum. I am taking a graduate course at Pepperdine University in Educational Technology. What has really captured my attention is online learning for ESL students. I am very interested in setting up our own online learning environment and somehow connecting it to our Distance Learning program. I am the lead teacher for our ESL labs.
Rita Zeinstejer TEFL; Area Manager for Kids and Advanced Classes; Self Access, Laboratory and Multimedia Coordinator; Cambridge Oral Examiner for FCE and CAE
Asociacion Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa (ARCI)
Rosario - Argentina
Yahoo ID : ritazeinstejer
As a TEFL I have taken several courses abroad, lately aimed mainly at improving and enhancing the four skills needed by students to successfully communicate in English, with the aid of CALL. I have made presentations with practical looks at ideas and issues involved in developing Multimedia and Internet materials for use in the language classroom. I am currently training the staff in my place, conducting the CALL SIG in APrIR (Asociacion Rosarina de Profesores de Ingles) and giving a series of talks to teachers on CALL. I participated in TESOL Curitiba 2001 with "CALL for Teachers in the 21st Century".  
Tom Rohrbach ESL Instructor & Computer Specialist at Spring International Language Centers, Denver & Littleton, Colorado
ESL Instructor, part-time, Community College of Denver
Online instructor, University of Colorado at
Yahoo ID: Tom_san
I've been an ESL teacher in an intensive ESL school for 8 years. Before that, I taught in Japan for two years (Takasaki), and before that I was an alternative high school teacher in Evergreen, Colorado for 10 years. I'm also a yoga person - a certified Kripalu teacher but not teaching lately. I'm teaching my first online university course this semester, and I'm interested in the Webheads community and in finding out what everyone else is doing out there!

Susanne Nyrop

Susanne's Groupboard self-portrait
ICQ s.nyrop149365400
My Tapped In perspective:
My homepage index:
After working as an early childhood educator, in 1995 I did a bachelor of educational communication and multimedia. As this field was so new, I found the Internet the only way to get inspired, informed and involved in educational online communities, such as Webheads, Tapped In, and the Global Educators Network. Now I am a free lance essayist and lecturer, an external examiner at the social educators' colleges, and finishing a masters study of theoretical education at the Danish University of Education in Copenhagen.. Despite my interest in foreign language, I have no credentials for teaching it; I am an EFL learner in practice.
  Sam Cornett EFL Instructor, Sumikin-Intercom, Inc., Kashima, Japan
Yahoo ID: samgcornett
I teach mainly business English. My main interests are developing EFL/ESL materials for online and CD-ROM use and building my company's website. I look forward to interacting with you all and discovering more about what CALL has to offer.
Shannon Moore English Teacher Dubai Men's College,
Higher Colleges of Technology Dubai, UAE
Yahoo Id: shannoninuae
I am from Vancouver, Canada but am currently living in the UAE. I'm working on my MA in TESOL and ICT by distance from the University of London and working part-time teaching English at Dubai Men's College. I've been involved with CALL for a number of years, with the majority of my experience coming while Head Teacher for CALL at the English Language Institute at the University of British Columbia. I'm interested in teacher training in CALL. While not working or studying, I can usually be found on the golf course.
Scott Petersen Until March: Professor, Department of English
Nagoya Meitoku Junior College

After March: Professor, Department of Rehabilitation
Seijoh University
Yahoo ID: petrjp

I have been in Japan for over 20 years. I find the Internet essential for keeping in touch with the Old Country (California). My interests are computers in language teaching/learning. I am using computers to keep up with Russian and German, and I am now learning French using CD-ROMs so that I can have the perspective of the learner.
Suzan Stamper A Hoosier in Hong Kong, I'm an instructor in the English Language Teaching Unit at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Work includes writing courses, CALL workshops, website administration, and Independent Learning Centre responsibilities. I'm also the owner of NETEACH-L, a SchMOOzer, the Chair-elect of TESOL's CALL Interest Section, and an organizer of TESOL's annual Internet Fair.
  Soliman Ismail
Yahoo ID: s15701
  Namsook Chung South Korea  
  Carol Gillespie  
Teresa Almeida d'Eça Portuguese teacher of English
Escola EB 2,3 de Sto. Antonio - Parede
Yahoo ID: teca2002pt
ICQ: teca 149774035
I live in a small town by the sea, ten-minutes from the more touristic Estoril and Cascais, and 30-minutes from Lisbon. I've taught English at all levels, including college, for over 25 years. Now I'm teaching 9th grade EFL. I love teaching and find it even more challenging with new technologies. I've done three email cultural exchanges this year as well as interactive Web-based activities custom-made for my two classes. I love computers, the Internet and keeping up with friends, cyberpals, and job-related developments through email. I did my first online course last October and really enjoyed the experience.  
Clare James Self-employed with my own joint-stock company (English-language consultancy focusing on translation from Swedish into English): Språkverkstan AB ('The Word Shop'), in Sweden.
Yahoo ID: sweetclaritycj
I taught EFL in London in the 1970s and Sweden from 1980. Since 1986 have worked mainly in Swedish-to-English translation (which often involves teaching clients). Now interested in getting back into teaching more directly, this time 'virtually' (e.g. by interactive, personalised e-mail courses) rather than in a real classroom, and not only with Swedish students. My 'Sweet Clarity' newsletter contains language-related articles and I write teaching material. Plan to make the articles and material available on my web site when (if ever) I finally get my act together and launch one! Interested in partnership with a kindred spirit for this purpose.
Tom Robb
Kyoto Sangyo University
Kyoto, Japan
  Vanessa Andreotti The British Council Curitiba-PR
Vance Stevens
CALL Coordinator, Amideast UAE/MLI Project, Abu Dhabi
Yahoo ID: vance_stevens
ICQ Vance 2774215
After teaching ESL for 20 years I started working full time in software development (2 years) and consulting in and coordinating CALL implementations (ever since). I missed the classroom but soon found that I could continue teaching online. Actually, I don't believe there is such a thing as language teaching, only language learning, so more correctly I've been experimenting with multimedia synchronous and asynchronous communications tools to promote authentic communication among students, and more recently, among peers. I conceived this session as a continuation of these experiments. I hope you will enjoy participating.
  Yuefang Cheng Professor of English, College of Foreign Languages
University of Shanghai for Science and Tchnology
  Wang Yang  
Mingqiu Zhang
I teach English to undergraduates in Nannin China. I realized how useful the Internet can be to ESL/EFL when I was a visiting scholar in 1999 at the University of Amsterdam, Holland

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