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Do you have any comments regarding connecting to or using any of the technology?
1. Keep up the good work!
2. I got "lost" trying to get to Renata and Karen's presentation on teacher logs - I did not realize it was in Karen's office. Also, as a TI helpdesk member, I found I was mostly standing by, and not really needed. Was this because of the excellent directions available, or the cyber-savviness of our audience?
3. remarkable use of technology
4. I think 99% of the limitations and bad experiences were simply due to sudden losses of bandwidth (and inevitable windows conflicts which are perhaps secondary), although this is impossible to verify.
5. Sorry that I am not able to provide valid response because I didn't actually participate much.
6. Did have difficulty because of the presence of firewall in campus.
7. as a first time user of Elluminate/Learning Times, I thought it was great, but wondered why Elluminate had to load itself separately each time I used it. I'm sure the technology is new to the vast majority of users although some people seemed to be far more fluent than I was. I thought it was great to be in the same space as everyone...fantastic! My only other complaint about overall conference preparation was that as I tried to find the conference through older, and other conference links, etc., I never could. I had links to other webheads stuff but those never led me to the updated schedule. Finally I memorized the schedule url, but I think we lost a few people who would have just tried to come in through those traditional paths.
8. None. Everyone was very helpful when I had questions
9. We participated in a few conferences as a group in our school and the feedback from the students was all extremely positive..they even said this was more helpful than the f-2-f ones.. thanks very much for your time and effort put in this organization
10. It is not really the conference itself. I have a dial-up connection at home and had problems with Elluminate both at work and at home (could never set it up). I think there should be a link with extremely simple steps for the really novice with clear information on what is required before the event so that everythinh is ready for that moment. You did have a document but could not follow it well. Do not take this as a complaint, just a suggestion. You all do a magnificent job.
11. I didn't experience any problem!
12. I was blown away by how easy it was to connect to each presentation. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the ability to try things out, like the whiteboard. It seemed if I was lost, there was somebody there to direct me. This was especially true when I went to a Tapped in presentation. It was my first time to tapped in and someone showed me where to go. I'm not a chatter, so a lot of that, trying to get to the right room was new to me.
13. Everything went great. I was surprised at how well it all worked together. Very united
14. the technology was available but full of snags
15. Had a lot of problems getting out of Alado/talking conferences, but I'm in communication with them.
16. I didn't have any problems connecting to any of the presentations. It was much easier than I expected.
17. I very much liked the presentations in elluminate. I noticed many both presenters and participants had trouble about sound. Many seem to be using this kind of equipment for the first time.
18. Yes, I had some problems with Learning Times. I downloaded the program to enter the meeting room the first time and it took me like 20 minutes but then every time I was going to another conference in the same venue it was like 5 minutes to open and install all components. I find and Alado and Tapped Inn easier and friendlier to use.
19. I am not an expert user and I found the setup very confusing. I would click on a link and then find myself on a frontpage and not be able to find within a new board where I was supposed to be. I attempted to join several conferences without success.I realise this was a conference probably intended for "old hands" so accepted this as part of the learning curve. The instructions Vance added later were helpful but an area for new people with a simple link would be very useful. It was difficult to move from one board back to a previous board. I don't know if there is some way to improve this.
20. worldbridge instructions were not that clear
21. none
22. great!
23. I had problems using Breeze, and many other participants did too. Poor sound quality.
24. Too many "venues"! I would have preferred everything to be much more tightly integrated, i.e. one login, one room, one chat window.
25. It's my first online conference and I was worried because I'm not an expert in computer hardware and my PC is rather old. However, now I'm in euphoria because I did it. Thanks to the simple and straightforward process. For some of the presentations I had problems with "Elluminate Live" (I couldn't connect to it) but I listened to the presentations via my Media Player, so no harm done. This convergence was gorgeous!
26. The easiest way I could find to connect to all the sessions that I attended was to clock on the link on the schedule, but some of the presentations that had an icon for synchronous didn't have a link. That was frustrating.
27. I wish my LAN connection had not developed any problems when I was trying to log in as a co-presenter to the LT room.Candy had to do the presentation by herself and she did a beautiful job. Good luck wasn't on my side that day.
28. Everything was excellent and well organised!!! Congrats!!!
29. Thank you very much for the efforts you put in organizing such an interesting and fruitful conference.
30. I resoved all my technical problems thanks to Vance , Daf and Tere assistance. However i missed almost learning Times presentations because of low connection problems. the ones I benefitted from that which were held at Aaldo. I hope the next year I will be having ADSL and much more free time to attend all of them on whatever platform.Please, another thing to reconsider is the time between the ending of apresentation and the beginning of another, especially on two different platforms...difficult to manage with slow connections. Thnaks
31. There were problems with audio in David Winet's presentation. The sound we heard while the audio was down hurt my ears and I left—which was rude to Mr. Winet, but still necessary.
32. As a presenter, I really didn't understand how to use some the Moodle to support my presentation. I;ve never used a Moodle and couldn't figure out what it was for. Also, I had never used Learning times in live time so I was afraid to use it As a participant, I kinda wish all the presentations would in one venue, like Learning Times. I missed all the presentations in Alado.
33. I think having so many different tools available was a big plus, although it certainly added a bit of confusion to the mix. I didn't like Alado nearly as much as Learning Times elluminate. I thought elluminate was much easier to use and had a smarter, more user friendly interface. As Tapped In is simply text based, it feel is limited in the depth of interaction possible.
34. difficult to get in once started.
35. very brave to attempt to converge multiple technologies.
36. Learning Times fell after downloading. Worldbridges worked straight away. i wish Bonk had used that platform.
37. It was a nice mix of different venues, which I certainly appreciated. Even though a central text chat area would have been beneficial (it could have been tapped in I think but since worldbridges had theirs... I often got confused. But overall - I liked it even though it was chaotic at times. This was part of the fun.
38. No problem with LT, TI and Alado. Problems witha special platform( Webtrain)
39. I had no technical problems. However, I only saw presentations in Learning Times.
40. It was great, but I think a clearer program linking to each venue would be very useful. I always got lost looking for things in Tapped In and I never found a few presentations.
41. There are so many good ideas. I'd like to see a continuous focus of encouraging web heads to connect with each other so that the good ideas of some can be good elearning and advocacy tools for others.
42. Changing venues so frequently can be disastrous for the sound configuration of your computer
43. This was so god-awful confusing as any event I have tried to use!
44. I'm very grateful to this opportunity to know and test in the same time, many technological tools for useing in Distance Learning .I loved all conferences.
45. The organization of the convergence was excellent. My problem was that although I have a high-speed connection, I was limited by my computer`s capacity to upload all of the necessary sites and so on--it frequently froze or wouldn`t move to the next slide. I was very frustrated to be indadvertedly shut out of sessions. For the next (yes, there must be a next) convergence I will make a point to use a more powerful machine, but I do think people should be aware that using more sophisticated software carries with it the possibility of limiting participation.
46. I never did manage to get Alado to work. The instructions didn't seem to match what I was seeing. There were many presentations that never really got going because so much time was spent on trying to get participants, and sometimes presenters, hooked up properly (into Eliminate, chat rooms, getting microphones working, etc. Having some sort of test sites available before hand would be good. Eluminate has a test that would be a good model.
47. I had trouble with my computer connecting to Learning Times. It took me over a half hour to get in the conference room. The next day I wanted to view some recorded sessions and still had trouble accessing rooms in LT. Then I decided to go to the properties on my computer for my Internet browser and delete cookies and temporary files and then I had complete success every time I tried getting into LT. So, now I will make sure to get my computer cleaned up before I ever present again, or wish to be part of presentations.
48. I didn't have any problems connecting or using any of the technologies, but I have tried most of them before. I was just wondering for the participants who hadn't been familiar with them before... Maybe a tutorial on how to register and attend a session would be appropriate.
49. I'm in favor of one single text chat room such as tapped in. All presenters should look to that chat room for Q&A purposes. Also in favor of each presenter having a url that would be listed on the schedule, which url would provide all relevant details including platform, system requirements, and an listing of all urls listed with Arabic numbers for easy reference
50. I was confused by how to connect to World Bridges
51. I found the learning environments awkward to use. I don't like having to download Java everytime I go to a room, and perticularly object to enabling popups and activeX to use a room. I prefer something simple and I think many will agree with me. It was intersting to have the chance to use thwm at the conference though. I called one of the presentations/environments a 'toy', which I think upset some people. It was VERY high tech, with many users in a room with webcams, but it was impossible to hear what was said. Toom much interference and giggling. To me it seemed the same using video-conferencing for discussing video-conferencing, as was done for at least ten years before getting down to presenting an content. The costs are tremendous; only the rich 0.1% (???) of the world can use them. Why not use that money for some simpler equipment that benefits many more people? We tested v.conf. with school kids and they spent their time laughing at the teacher instead of doing the exercises. We decided not to use it.

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