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Any other comments you would like to share with us?
1. It seemed to me that there were a lot of Webheads in the audience. I mean, for not being a Webhead long myself, I found I knew almost all of the participants. Were there also others? Is there a way to track registrants to know if our advertising reached a wider audience?
2. such venues of meeting with professionals are very stimulating to me, need to be a more active member in this rapidly changing community
3. This has been the best Webhead event yet. The community obviously gets stronger every day.
4. Havind difficulty to access the live sessions, I did a follow-up with the recorded sessions. It was great but of course I missed the fun with the live sessions!
5. Fantastic conference! Thanks so much!
6. I hope to see more of these sessions in the future. Because of time differences and work I was not able to participate in as many as I wanted. I will contiune to be more active in them though since I feel they are so helpful and full of useful information. Keep it up!
7. I just wish I could enjoy your activities more but do not have the infrastructure to do so. Thanks for all your efforts and keep up the excellent work. You have reached a great number of people and deserve to be acknowledged.
8. When we love sb or sth it's very difficult to find fault. Sorry to be subjective, and probably unreliable in my appreciations. But I can only recognize the fruitful efforts made by mentor Vance plus the qualified contributions and help from so many wise experts around the world, who merged into an invaluable confluence of knowledge, ideas, and, above all, most constructive communication.
9. I admire the volunteers work. I regret there was not a clear difference between 'commercial'presentations and 'sharing good practice'(material free of charge) Maybe two different convergences in the future?
10. I can hardly wait till next years online convergence.
11. It was at once exciting using all this technology, listening and watching presentations and at the same time confusing as I jumped from one technology to another with things not occurring on time. Overall though loved the conference, what I saw and heard of it and however chaotic it all was. I'll be there at the next one for sure and I will bring some other people along for the ride.
12. Lets do it again.
13. communication fell to dead ears, and that is troublesome
14. This was a great event! I was disappointed that there was so little discussion on the Moodle forum. Also, as usual with Moodle, it was hard to figure out where the various forums were and what each was for. Maybe they need to start earlier before the convention?
15. I am a 2nd year graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh. Claire Siskin suggested that I check out the conference and I am so grateful she did. I learned so much much in such a few days. All of the presentations were excellent. The presenters were organized, knowledgeable, and open to new ideas. I am very grateful for all the knowledge and expertise they shared. Thank you very much for letting me share this unique and very educational experience!
16. A great and beneficial conference like this one should have been announced for in all forums and online chatrooms and clubs. I expected to see more participants in the talks, especially the one for David Nunan; there were only 20 of us.
17. Thanks for a wonderful conference. Very inspiring and even if there were some technology problems (there always are) I felt technology was used in a extremely good way.
18. I congratulate all the Webheads conference team for the great work and organization. Thanks for keeping us updated.
19. I really appreciated people's willingness to help when I got it wrong. I think this is what makes this group special.
20. this has to do more with my low-tech skills and with my mismanagement of time... too many ongoing activities than I could cope with...I stiil need to learn how to prioratize and get things done synch. in real time...
21. A unique opportunity to link up people with similar interests from the whole world.
22. Being a newbie in the world of English learning+technology it was very beneficial for me to read some of the materials in advance, to have a glimpse at the presentations beforehand (at least partially). I did some more reading on some of the topics, so I could follow the presenter's ideas and discussions. I couldn't share at this convergence - I only grabbed... But I'm going to spread the word for your fascinating world at a local conference in spring 2006 and may be you'll find some new followers from Bulgaria.
23. Congratulations on a great first convergence. I'm sure all participants like myself benfitted greatly from the great diversity and expertise of the presenters. WELL DONE!!!!
24. Timezone difference kept many of us from attending more sessions of the convergence but when I knew Daf had stayed online for 19 hours for one session after another I really admire her. I surely wish I hadn't missed so many sessions. I strongly hope that some student participants would be involved in the future WiAOC convergence.
25. Congrats for the huge effort made by all the people behind and in charge of this convergence!!! No words to express my gratitude!!! I learned a lot!!!
26. All my best wishes.
27. congratualtions for the excellent work you've done Vance. I am proud to belong to THE Webheads Cop and more than happy to be among those who presented on this first online event...I remember that a year ago I didn't even know you ( the webheads) and when I sent you ( you Vance)a YM Instant message explaining my concerns you just said "you knocked at the right door",...i entered... and you were right. Thanks for having welcomed me as a family memeber, I 'll never forget it Vance. sincerly Soraya. PS there were many first times since I joined your community: first time to dare to speak to a native, first time to follow a workshop ( BAW2005), first time to chat with other persons apart from local friends, first time to submit a proposal, first to be accepted, first time to present ...and ONLINE. all these things I haven't had them in my country but with you MY 2nd FAMILY....for all these things and much more 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 +1 thanks
28. I really enjoyed the conference and must congratuate you on your hard work and the effort you put into it. There was enough variety for everyone and the events were well timed during the period. Congratulations once again.
29. This conference was very well done. If I hadn't known it was a first-time venture, I wouldn't have believed that it was.
30. I think the best thing about this kind of conference is that everything is acrchived. That's a tremedous resource both for me and the people who couldn't attend.
31. What really made this conference enjoyable and impressive were the participants - so many committed, lively, and knowledgable people involved. The support from everyone was just incredible. The only thing that disappointed me was my own inability to get more involved, due to an overload of work and family commitments. I hope to find better balance and be a more active participant next time around. I look forward to advancements in the technology that will increase the quality of interation at events like this. WiAOC was a pioneer event - looking forward to many more.
32. Not quite sure where recordings were (to be) stored. E.g. Have not found any transcripts at TappedIN
33. 1.We should share one platform for online presentation which will make things much easier for participants; 2. If not, at least set short cuts for different platforms and help people to set it up before hand.
34. I really enjoyed it
35. I stepped in right at the middle. Wasn't sure about the schedule because of the time difference. That I must learn, to make use of these...
36. Great keynote speakers, lots to learn. I think I learned more this weekend than I could have done in years diddling on my own. THANK YOU SO MUCH, for getting everybody together like this.
37. Thanks Vance for organizing this convergence...and thanks also to all the webheads pillars : Dafne, Barbara, Buth, Michael, Rita, Teresa, Andrew, John
38. This was an amazing feat and I would like to commend all of you who made it possible. It was not flawless (some scheduling issues and technology problems--presenters), but it was nothing short of a miracle that 90% of the activities came to fruition. The conference opened my eyes to some of the great resources for conferencing as well (Learning Times).
39. Overall, it was very good. I hope you continue next year. i might even give something.
40. Keep up the good work
41. Thanks everybody for such a great event. Waiting for more!!!
42. Never go into any events
43. No comments. Thank you very much for excellent level of presentation and participants.For the nex events I'd like you to join me.
44. Thank you so much for putting this together. I'm not sure how to answer No. 7 because, for me, in general the conference was excellent, but there were many points during the weekend that I was extremely frustrated by the technology.
45. I regularly lurk in Webhead stuff, but I'm not an active member. I found some of the sessions a little alienating, because the presenters were talking to other active Webheads and not to newcomers. Not the content, so much, but the tangents, and the assumptions. Presenters should remember that not everyone is going to be aware of all the Webhead background, or know who all these people are. I learned a lot, but I was in several sessions that were more networking (among friends) than anything else, and while networking is great, it's awkward to be the newcomer, especially when you weren't expecting it.
46. I am so grateful the sessions are recorded. I was not able to be present at most of the sessions since I am currently working on my Master's Degree and I had two enormous papers to write and submit during this convergence. Reading the emails, from everyone, I can feel the enormous enthusiasm from so many people. Yaodong sent me some screen shots of Vance's session and even though I wasn't able to attend I can still feel exhilarated with seeing all the smiling faces of who was there. I am looking forward to viewing the recorded session. This entire convergence deeply touches me because it just proves how many truly dedicated, unselfish, thoughtful, eager to help, intelligent, humorous, and all around beautiful educators there are in this entire world. If there was ever a confirmation of the goodness of people this is certainly it!!! This confergence truly enriched my soul!!! Thank you, eveyone, from the bottom of my heart, for organizing something so powerful!!!
47. I'm in Brazil and I was in that WOW-process! How would I ever have a chance to get to learn and meet so many knowledgeable people in so little time? How would I gather so much valuable information and so many precious tips, links, resources, and tools if it weren't for this convergence of bright techie minds trying to pass on the information they have in such a meaningful and applicable way? Thanks you all. It has been a delight to join you online and this online seminar just strengthened my willingness to Become a Webhead in January 2006, a moment that I've been looking for since I met some of you during the San Antonio TESOL! I'm sure that next year we'll have more of this sharing and learning moments that you provide us. Carla Arena Casa Thomas Jefferson Brasilia-Brazil
48. I believe we should have a lessons learned blog, moodle, wiki or whatever. And different kinds of list servs - moodle generated - where different topics would be addressed with "alerts" by email when posts are made.
49. Great Conference, great organization, keep the good work!
50. Most of the presentations were excellent. One can't just give one overall grade though, as above. But overall, the quality was far, far better than at any other conference I've attended:-) Congratulations, Webheads. There were amazingly few problems with the microphones and technology. It was a wonderful experiment but too long though. We were all very tired by the end.

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