Webheads in Action Online Convergence 2009 (May 22-24)


Sunday, May 24, 2009


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12:00 a.m.          

11pm SL Time

Islands of jokaydia (SLurl)


(5pm AEST)


Jo Kay and Islands of jokaydia Residents


Immersing in Virtual Worlds - jokaydia style!
Join us for some immersive activities on the Islands of jokaydia and discuss building communities of practice and learning opportunities in Virtual Worlds with members of the Islands of jokaydia Community of Practice

12:00 (midnight SL) 

Bar Don Quixote in Ciudad Bonita



Cristina Palomeque /

Cristina Papp in SL


Achieving the Ying Yang in language education in virtual worlds  Research in progress:  


Moira Hunter

Invited Keynote

Angi Malderez
On Mentor Roles 

Unconference Session in SL 

2:00 am SLT

Muvenation Sandbox
Antonella Berriolo /

Anna Begonia in SL 

Playing with sounds and prims.  

What will we do?

With 3 simple ingredients: a sound file, a prim and a script, we will cook some easy tools to use in class or for self access exercises.  

Barbara Dieu 
Invited Keynote  

Alex Hayes
Valuing Connected Community : Balance In Uncertain Times  

12:00 p.m.
Unconference Session 

Graham Stanley
Digital Play 

Online digital games and  other 'digital toys' are a great way of motivating pre-teen and teenage language learners but how can they best be exploited pedagogically? I'll be giving some ideas - come and share yours too. 

Unconference Session 


An open mic session facilitated by Michael Coghlan (michaelc@chariot.net.au)
Open Mic Session 

Bring your own agenda and a willingness to share and contribute to topics that will be decided on the fly by those who attend.

Elluminate Session 

Graham Attwell, Steven Warburton and Margarita Perez Garcia 
Digital identities 

This session will look at the meaning of digital identities of teaching and learning 

Elluminate Session  


Mike Marzio

Real English Lessons and Videos 

Real English is known in the community for its collection of EFL/ESL Videos, but the new Lessons based on the videos are rich resources for students & teachers, and deserve a short pedagogical analysis. 


Elluminate Session 


 Minhaaj ur Rehman
Open Learning Model using Wikis. 

  • Universal access, affordability, reusability and accreditation have been some of issues we face today in Education. Wonders of technology has taken us to a new level of understanding and literacy. Using technology has not only increased the learning curve and amount of knowledge assimilation, it opens up horizones for further innovation. This sessionw will explore: 
    Definition of Open Learning
  • How Wikis can be used to make learning more open and accessible
  • Convergence of Hierarchy and Anarchy in literacy
  • Benefits of using Wikis for Open Learning and self-paced education.
  • Overview of contemporary moves in this direction.
After session participants can expect to know more about affordances we can have through wikifying our knowledge resources. Participants should be able to define open learning, relate it to universal education and understanding its potential.
Invited Keynote

Dave Cormier 
You can't collaborate alone: Community as curriculum for lifelonglearning  
Unconference session 
Anne Fox 


Fun & Games in PD? 
VITAE encourages ICT integration in vocational education through mentors. We will examine the potential of games for professional development especially in mentoring colleagues, embedding innovation and integrating ICT. Participants can try three games beforehand and discuss their experience during the session as well as asynchronously before and after the session.

Unconference Session:Quest Atlantis 

Bron Stuckey

Orientation to Quest Atlantis 

This is a chance to visit the curriculum-based virtual world Quest Atlantis designed for students aged 8-14. We will meet inworld and over skype to explore and hold conversations. 


Tapped In
Unconference Session: Other 



Nina Liakos

Striking a Balance
How do you balance online life with real life--family, job, personal interests?  When confronted with a choice between an online activity and a real life activity, how do you choose?  Do you ever feel that you are a slave to your computer? Come share your ideas on how to find a comfortable balance.



Unconference Session in SL

Location: MUVEnation

Carmela Dell'Aria/

Misy Ferraris in SL


Teaching and learning with MUVEs. Educational tools for language classes:
games and quizzes  
During this session I'll show you some educational tools that a teacher can manage for a creative and funny language activities in SL. I'll give you the opportunity to be involved in a demonstration session for learning simple and basic Italian words. Participants can try games and quizzes during the session.  


  Unconference Session   


Bertha Leiva
  Digital natives perceptions of EFL online and f2f writing revisions.

In an action research study several methods were used to revise student’s texts in a wiki:Teacher's comments, peer review, self-corrections and face to face student-teacher conferences.
Students completed a survey on their perceived revision preferences at the end. Online tools, sample corrections, results and pedagogical implications will be presented.



 ETT Live 
Jeff Lebow

 Convergence Edition 

Fast paced roundup of new and resources from the past week(end)