100-200 word Summary to our Message Board with general information about your particular operation and your particular (personal) background

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(2) All Speakers and Panelists ultimately need to complete an Oasis Speaker Form. A good example of this Form, completed by Dr. Terry Redding, can be viewed at:-

Please view this example in advance of completing your own Oasis Speaker Form.

(3) Complete your own Oasis Speaker Form:-


(4) Then make your (telephoned) audio recording by following the telephone recording Oasis Phone Recording Instructions:-


It's as easy as a phone call !


1. We would like to have a completed Oasis Speaker Form for each and every person who has any part of the stop with you in the UAE. The form can be completed on line or you may simply provide the information requested by return email to me and I will submit the form. Make sure to tell me where I can find your pictures. The most important part of the Form are the three URL's it asks you to provide. These should be directly related to the message you want to convey.

2. After you complete the Form, you will have automatically opened a Voice-Alert account which allows you to make a telephone recording. That recording is simply a 2-4 minute PREVIEW of what you will be saying during our stop with you. It is designed to promote the stop with you by us sending the URL of the Oasis form to the audience and to let you and others listen to yourself. You can change the phone recording any time by just calling the same number, entering your pin number. I will erase the old recording and automatically upload the recording which shall be attached to your Oasis Form Web Page.

3. We encourage (right away!) In depth Summary text remarks which you can send in a Word document to me; or you can upload and provide a URL which we will link to the UAE stop/Middle East stops.

One of the guiding principles governing the establishment of the Military Language Center in Abu Dhabi in 1998 was the concept of 'seamless' computer integration in a tool-based environment in which the focus is squarely on the curriculum. What this means is that teachers at the MLI are involved in developing curriculum using the tools they find available in the workplace. There is nothing unusual about that - teachers and practitioners of any profession make use of the available tools, which in the case of teachers might include board markers and overhead projectors. At the MLI, these tools also include computers on every teacher's desk, in every classroom, and available to students in CALL (computer-assisted language learning) labs. The repertoire of available tools also includes software such as

We intend to let this 'tour' evolve in three directions. One is toward

an update to the showcase that's on view now. A part of this showcase

(Students / Student Center) will eventually become an online Student

Center (on the web, not the LAN) that will give visitors a chance to

sample materials development at the MLI The third area we would like to

develop is examples of project work from student portfolios.

4. We also encourage posts to our Message Board found at http://www.bfranklin.edu/boards.htm. We suggest that the first message be your Summary text remarks.