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A Virtual Tour of Computer-Based Language Learning at the MLI

Vance Stevens, Randy Gonzales, Ed Chaffin, and Paul Crane
Military Language Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Preparations pages

This page attempts to organize elements of the presentation of the MLI for Global Learning Day 5 October 7, 2001

Preparations for presentation: Oasis Speaker Form | Voice-Alert Recording | Summary remarks | Message Board Posting

Possible presentation URLs might stem from these web addresses (probably the latter)

What we need to decide now is what addresses exactly should be 'pushed' during our presentation. For example on the latter page, there is a Student Center tutorial. This would make a great point of departure for a brief stroll around our facility.

Meanwhile we are preparing our presentation by following these steps relayed by John Hibbs:

1. We would like to have a completed Oasis Speaker Form for each and every person who has any part of the stop with you in the UAE. The form can be completed on line or you may simply provide the information requested by return email to me and I will submit the form. Make sure to tell me where I can find your pictures. The most important part of the Form are the three URL's it asks you to provide. These should be directly related to the message you want to convey.

2. After you complete the Form, you will have automatically opened a Voice-Alert account which allows you to make a telephone recording. That recording is simply a 2-4 minute PREVIEW of what you will be saying during our stop with you. It is designed to promote the stop with you by us sending the URL of the Oasis form to the audience and to let you and others listen to yourself. You can change the phone recording any time by just calling the same number, entering your pin number. I will erase the old recording and automatically upload the recording which shall be attached to your Oasis Form Web Page.

3. We encourage (right away!) In depth Summary text remarks which you can send in a Word document to me; or you can upload and provide a URL which we will link to the UAE stop/Middle East stops.

Summary remarks are given here

4. We also encourage posts to our Message Board found at We suggest that the first message be your Summary text remarks.

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