Webheads in Action CoP session 2003: Week 4 Summary

Work-in-progress by Vance Stevens, co-moderator for the week

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Topics for discussion

How CoP theory relates to Webheads.

How it differs from traditional education (traditional edu: same level, same knowledge, implicit knowledge not valued or tested) - What paradigm shifts are necessary to accommodate learning-based (process) goals in educational systems as opposed to Task-based (product) oriented goals?

Based on the issues that Nigel brought up with CoPs: Is a CoP efficient? Not for producing a Broadway production, perhaps. But is it more efficient for experimenting, trying new things out, and for people to learn and gain experience in play production? This thread took on the product/process dichotomy from the previous question.

Some latest developments (e.g., Schlager and company have just written a paper – not to be cited yet – at the TI papers page).

Questions and more questions

Dafne's reacted to Chris's Xerox posting by saying that CoPs were natural learning spaces but perhaps not matched to all learning styles: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/message/3039; she then posed the following additional questions for our consideration:

1. What makes a CoP a learning space?

2. What theories of learning are behind CoP's that makes them learning communities?

3. Are CoP's suitable for all learning styles?

4. Is everybody prepared for the social scaffolding that takes place within a CoP?

5. What kind of reflection does this scaffolding convey (in/on action, both)?

6. Are CoP's the way to become a "learning society"?

7. Could we say that our explorations, and later reports on findings, are a kind of non-formal collaborative research? or even collaborative action research?

8.Could school structures be adapted to function as CoP's? Susanne's response: Theoretical underpinnings of CoPs / relationship to pedagogy

As of this moment (Feb 17, 2003, last day of week 4 of this session) I have prepared this document to help me organize the many threads emerging (on topic of course ;-) from the stimulating discussion during this week. I now intend to go through and extract the relevant text to flesh out the urls above (with pictures, and I have pics of all those who've posted so far execpt for Andy)

Meanwhile, on with the show: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/message/3082.