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Communities of practice online: Reflection through experience and experiment with the Webheads community of language learners and practitioners

Dafne Gonzalez and Arif Altun

Aspects of the quality of instruction utilizing computer mediated communication

Week 6: Mon Feb 24 toSun March 2, 2003

Dafne has created a portal for Week 6 here:

Some of Dafne's post-workshop reflections on how the session went:

Arif and I had some questions about the quality of e-learning, and we also created an online survey on the issue. The list was not very active this week and most questions went answered, despite our efforts to prompt people with different ideas and challenging opinions. However, the survey was completed by a number of people, not many, though. The results are interesting, and they will be part of our presentation in Baltimore. The summary of the week is here:

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