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Communities of practice online: Reflection through experience and experiment with the Webheads community of language learners and practitioners

Michael Coghlan

What we've learned: Wrap-up and consolidation

Week 7: Monday March 3 to Friday March 9, 2003

As per Michael's message,

During the final week we will be

  1. collecting data about what you consider to be the most important issues raised over the last several weeks
  2. thinking about where we go from here.

To help get this process underway, could everyone please either

email the list and say ...


Visit this URL

  • Open WIA 2003
  • Add record and say ...
  • what you think were the most important issues raised in the seminar
  • why you think this issue is important (You don't need to write much on this - just a phrase or two or a sentence will be enough.)

I will collate your statements and add them to the Database in our Yahoo groups home. (If you check the database link at Yahoo Groups you can see a couple of issues already there.) When we have a number of issues up I will post information about the next part of the task.


For those who can make it there will be a chat to discuss to review the seminar on Wednesday, March 5th, at 12.00 GMT at Tapped In,

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