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The Magic of Educational Technology for Language Teachers and Educators

A Practical Overview of Others' Experiences with Technology Implementation for EFL
Vance Stevens and Dafne Gonzales

The Educational Technology Special Interest Group EgypTESOL

Monday March 18th 2002

These activities will be carried out in Yahoo text chat. We will attempt voice and video communications if feasible.

2:10-2:30 GMT - Vance Stevens presents about how the Webheads experience could fit with current schemes in Egypt for promoting distance education

This brief presentation previews a paper to be given in one version at the TESOL Arabia conference in Abu Dhabi on March 22, and in another version at the TESOL Conference in Salt Lake City April 11, 2002. In both papers, the presenter brings 20 years of CALL experience to bear on traditional notions of how CALL is implemented and suggests alternative paradigms inherent in two development models he has been working with, one institutional and one on-line. Theoretical underpinnings are discussed and serendipitous outcomes shown for both approaches.


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Serendipitous outcomes for Teachers and
Learners Online
Tool-based environments:
Zones of proximal development
and Communities of practice:
Writing for Webheads
Webheads in Action
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2:30-2:45 GMT - Dafne Gonzalez talks about her experiences with Webheads

2:45-3:00 GMT - Questions

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