Cat Herders
Choose the correct answer you HEAR.

1This man right here _____________________. Heís the first cat herder in our family.
was my great grandfather
is my great grandfather
is his great grandfather

2Herdiní cats, donít let ______________________ easy.
anybody tell you it's easy.
anybody tell you its easy.
anybody tell you it was easy.

3________________ herd cattle.
Anybody could
Anybody will
Anybody can

4 Holdiní together 10,000 half-wild shorthairs,__________________altogether.
that's another one altogether.
that's another thing altogether.
thats another thing altogether.

5Being a cat herders is probably about the toughest thing I think_____________.
I ever done
I've never done
I've ever done

6I got______________ morning, right here,
this one this
this done this
his done this

7 and _______________________, itís just ripped to shreds, you know.
when you look at his face
if you look at his face
if you look at this face

8You see the movies, you hear the stories, its, Iím living a dream. Not everyone______________________.
can do what he does.
will do what we do.
will do what we do.

9I wouldnít do nothiní else.

It ainít an easy job, but when you bring a herd into town and you ainít lost a one of Ďem, ainít a feeliní________________________
like it on the world.
like this in the world.
like it in the world.

10EDS, managing the complexities of _______________
our business.
my business.