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The Webheads Community of Language Learners and Teachers: Creating Environments for Teaching and Learning Languages, Blended and Online

Vance Stevens
Lecturer of Computing, Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Invited Guest Speaker at the

The 4th Wen Shan Conference on English Teaching
The Department of English
October 25, 2003

Vance presents while Aiden films and Venny tries to get the voice chat working

Briefly, I discuss my philosophy of teaching (constructivist, communicative) in the context of a minimalist syllabus for the teaching of any language. I show how this minimalist syllabus has been applied in the Webheads projects, and how my teaching of face to face classes has benefited from insights derived from these online experiments.

Greatly assisted by Aiden Yeh, Ying Lan Liu, and Venny Su

Ying Lan and Aiden relate their experiences with Webheads

This presentation has a Tiny URL:

Slide 1: A minimalist syllabus
Slide 2: What happens in such classes?
Slide 3: Why does this work?
Slide 4: How have computers helped us to do this?
Slide 5: How have insights from online classes informed my own face to face teaching?
Slide 6: What has this got to do with Webheads?
Slide 7: What do we do to develop a sense of community in Webheads?
Slide 8: And who are the Webheads? Let's meet them.
Slide 9: Venny's comments
Slide 10: Who's online? Let's see.

Venny stayed focused and got the voice chat working eventually. Aiden ponders the points above.

Aiden has posted videos and some photos she took during the Wen shan conference.

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