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On-line web search engines

This page gives links on how to use search engines, and then lists search engines, newsgroups, listserv finders (and a , metasearchers, and white pages.

Evaluation of Web sites

Some Google features

Now everyone provides a toolbar it seems, sometimes without your realizing you've been asked (and by default they halt popups which can make your favorite java chat sites unreachable suddenly, until you turn that little doobie off). But Google was one of the first to provide a bar which in less intrusive days let you search Google simply by highlighting a word or phrase on any Web page and clicking on the link. To get it visit one of the sites below and drag and drop the bookmark onto your toolbar. Then highlight the text on the webpage and click the google button.

Google offers three different links you can drag and drop onto your toolbar.

And most recently (October 2004) Google's PC search that allows you to find your email, files, web history e.g. web pages you've seen, even when you're not online, and chats etc. by searching as easily as you do on Google You can download it at

Web Searchers

Search Engine info:

Articles about Search Engines:

Alphabetical listing of Search Engines:

Meta Searches

Updating to 2007, (and many others described in Deborah Healey's presentation on search engines at in Nov 2007)

The Best and Most Popular Meta Search Engines By Chris Sherman, Associate Editor September 18, 2002 Updated: May 5, 2004 (seen June 15, 2005)

White Pages

Four 11 takes you to Yahoo! People Search
Switchboard Yellow Pages Electrified
Internet @ddress.finder
Who Where?

Whois services

Whois search via RIPE:

InterNIC APNIC for Asia Pacific IP address allocations Defense Information Systems Agency for US Military

ARIN WhoIs Database Search, allowing entry of either domain name or IP address, is

Tips on Using Search Engines

Quick tips: you can use AltaVista by simply typing in, and for AskJeeves

Hard copy: A good comparison of search engines can be found in PC Magazine Special Pullout "Guide to Online Search Services" Dec 3, 1996, Vol. 15, No. 21.

Recall dead links using the Wayback Machine at

Are you blocked from certain sites and can't see the pages you want? Try this ... try to bring up the page using Google's search engine and then view the CACHED version.

If you want search engines to find your page, check out "So You Want To Register Your Pages, Huh?" by Joe Burns (undated) at

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