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ESL Skill Areas: Simulations

Dr. Laurent Borgmann, Univ. for Appl. Sciences, Fulda, Germany, gave a talk on Monday, 29 March, 1999 at the IATEFL Conference in Edinburgh on "International Internet-Simulations for L@nguage Learning and Intercultural Training". The simulation itself can be viewed on a page of Socrates project collaborative websites at:

Deden, one of my Writing for Webheads students, suggested this site to Denilson, another student, who is about to have a job interview: Here is Denilson's commentary: "This is a simulation, like a game, for an interview to get a place in school. This isn't my situation exactly, but it helps to know what to say and why. If you access that address, it's best to play the game with the option tutorial."

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