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Software Reviews

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Note: Only the very first link below has been updated since 1999. Until I have had a chance to review these links please treat this information accordingly. When this page is reviewed, this notice will be removed - Vance

Software reviews can be found in:

Annotated Inventory of ESL Computer Resources "Reviews of many software programs and Internet sites ... fully searchable, by web level, language skill, rating, Canadian Benchmark level, etc.   All of the software has been tested with students and the reviews written by TESL/CALL (sic) and click on database access." -- according to Luisa Diniz, TESLCA-L 18 Nov, 1998. "Over three hundred titles have been reviewed and an additional 50 titles will be added this spring. This inventory is being compiled by a team at the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board for the Government of Canada (Citizenship and Immigration)." - Jim Edgar, email Feb 8, 1999

Ruth Vilmi's Software Evaluation: The Process of Evaluating Software and its Effect on Learning -- includes an in-depth list of criteria for evaluation as well as the Stages of the Evaluation Process and more -- according to Luisa Diniz, TESLCA-L 18 Nov, 1998.

According to Luisa Diniz, TESLCA-L 18 Nov, 1998. "This is the most complete sotware evaluation I have come across.


Jim Duber's indexed list of CD-ROM reviews is available from Computer-Assisted Language Learning @ Chorus, You'll also find "cutting edge" CALL here (see Chorus, below). Other reviews are available; e.g. "List of Known Bibliographical Software Packages" at

From a decent posting on TESLCA-L by Kylie Baxter, Assistant Information Officer, CTI Modern Languages, University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Hull HU6 7RX, UK "there are a number of web sites that offer reviews of software, if that is of any help. We have links to a number at our site for all languages, not just ESL, sorted alphabetically at

'Drew' Andrew Taber has software reviews on DigiEnglish at: - Sarah Jackson recommends this as "a great resource that seems to objectively review many language software programs."

The Association for Supervisors and Curriculum Directors ASCD publishes and sells an annual issue called Only the Best Software Guide (with an ESL section) See the link at

Rated software reviews can be found at:

Norm Johnson and Deborah Healey have their CAELL Journal article, "A Place to Start in Selecting Software," up at

Robb, Tom's paper addressing (1) What is the most influential source of information for software purchases? (2) Do most people try out software before they purchase it? (3) Does software purchased by people who try it first tend to be better suited and more frequently used by their students? (4) Are checklists usually used in the software selection process? (5) Does the use of a checklist assure the purchase of more usable software? Presented at the JALT "CALLing Asia '99" conference (May 22-23, 1999).is at

For TESLCA-L files on software, send an email message to:

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For a TESLCA-L file on software EVALUATION, send an email message to:

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