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Natalie Gordon writes, in August 2010, "I saw that your page hasn't been updated in EIGHT years!! I was wondering if you would like help in updating it (since it's VERY out-of-date) ..." etc. True, I am making no effort to maintain my ESL_Home sites these days and have been toying with the idea of moving them to a blog, or at least linkng them to a wiki or comment component. Don't hold your breath; meanwhile, check out Natilie's site at: It's commercialized, but there is a forum there for people studying TOEFL, looks useful.

Some Resources still working in May 2002

Some TOEFL Prep links still working in May 2002

These sites are fading ... though still working in May 2002

I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Ahmad Qendil, English teacher-advisor at the MLI in Abu Dhabi, who contributed many of the above links in November 1998

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