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Capturing Web Pages

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Update, May 2006

A recent development in what used to be called 'webwhacking':
Webaroo "is a free software program and service that lets you search and browse real web pages without a connection. Webaroo's advanced technology makes it simple for you to take the web with you -- and find what you are looking for anywhere, anytime. It's easy -- Webaroo stores searchable web content on your laptop, PDA or smart phone. It's fast -- searches run and pages load instantly at memory speed. It's fresh -- your Webaroo content is updated every time you sync. Get started today. Webaroo servers scour the web and create "Web Packs". Download Web Packs and web sites. Search the content anytime, anywhere, without a connection. When you re-connect, sync your device to get updated content."

Replaces ...
The best way to capture web pages these days (2002) is to use IE 5.0 or 6.0 to browse to the page you want to capture and then 'Save As' ... it should prompt you to 'save as a complete web page'. This puts images and associated items in a folder with the name of the page.

What follows on this page was last updated in January 2000, though I have checked links with Link Sleuth. For what it's worth ...

Secret Agent allows you to access your cache off-line and look at those pages you have been to during an on-line session. You go on-line, visit each page you wish to review, and then use Secret Agent to review your cached materials; download it at In July 2002 there was a notice here that the product is no longer for sale, but you can still get support at this site.

UnMozify for Netscape Navigator has been given a 5-star rating by ZDNet, and is available from the ZDNet website at You could also try:

Other suggestions

All available for download at or their affiliates "

And for Mac AND PC: WebWhacker. The demo version that you download will only allow captures to two levels deep:

Vance's editorial comment on the above software: I have tried out a number of these and attempted configuring them to run through the Proxy server at, and I have had greatest success doing that with MemoWeb from It will allow you to get software that will transfer the entire site, links and all to your computer. That will allow you to view the site off-line, and thus to be able to keep the "interactive quality of the hyperlinks" and to quote with the proper web-quotes.

"Push" certain materials from the web to your desktop

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