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Grammar Checkers

See the article by Yu Hong Wei & Davies at: which also appears in: Yu Hong Wei and Davies G. (1997) "Do grammar checkers work?". In Kohn J., Rüschoff B. and Wolff D. (eds.) New horizons in CALL: proceedings of EUROCALL 96, Szombathely, Hungary: Dániel Berzsenyi College. Posted 1 Mar 2000, by Graham Davies, to EUROCALL-Members (used here with his permission Mar 30, 2001):

See also:

Shockwave grammar playgrounds

Jim Duber maintains an interesting shocked! and flashed! site called Cutting Edge CALL / Chorus at In his words, "On this page, I have included demo activities which are the result of my experiments with different ways of using new technologies to deliver Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) modules via the web. Most of these demos feature lessons and activities for students of English as a Second Language (ESL), or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) delivered using Macromedia's Shockwave for Director technology." (viewed March 2001)

Here are some of the offerings, descriptions taken directly from the page just cited:

John Allan and colleagues (teslca-l, 20 May 1999) have been experimenting with different formats for delivering Flash and Shockwave ESL content on the Web. They have set up two grammar playgrounds on the web at:

These sites no longer active at the url's indicated; I'm looking for them elsewhere. If you happen to know where they are, don't keep it to yourself ...

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