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Dictionaries and Thesauri:

Perspectives on Thesauri

On 27 Dec 1999, Graham.Tritt posted on NETEACH-L (in the same posting, links to Roget's above) (Permission to repost granted Aug 2, 2000, and Graham adds, "To find the latest status on these, just search +thesauri +XML in say YAHOO. A good starting point is ")

There is another style on

You can search by going to

You can download a copy (16 MB)

It shows "hypernyms", or " this is a kind of" term heirarchy, like this:

=> thesaurus, synonym finder -- (a book of synonyms)
=> wordbook -- (a reference book containing words (usually with their meanings))
=> reference book, reference, reference work, book of facts ---
=> book -- (a copy of a written work or ...
=> publication -- (a printed work offered for distribution)
=> work, piece of work -- (something produced or accomplished ...
=> product, production -- (the amount ...
=> creation -- (something that has been brought into existence by someone)
=> artifact, artefact -- (a man-made object)
=> object, physical object -- (a physical (tangible and visible) entity..

Dictionary bookmarks -

07 Jun 1999, a bookmark's list was posted to TESLCA-L with an invitation for its use it in good health. Here's Alvi's dictionary bookmarks file, and here's what he says about it:

"It's cut and pasted out of my bookmark file; URLs of dictionary and similar sites. One or two of the linx are dead but I've just had a look at it and most are OK. Any that are broken have likely moved and a simple search for the title should find them again. The Jargon File is a case in point; that is all over the web in a range of sites and versions. Cut and paste the code into a text editor like Notepad, save as dic.htm, or what you will, and view in a browser. Use it in good health! Alvi (aka Allan Brewster)" (Permission to repost granted Sept. 8, 2000)

A perspective on Internet research

This is from 01 Mar 2000, Elin Melchior posting on Professional use of the Internet on TESLCA-L (Permission to repost granted 05 Oct 2000); annotations by Vance (gvs) in italics, bullets added:

"A lot of research can now be done on the web. My best experience with online libraries and research has been with OhioLink a research database to which some universities in Ohio belong. Unfortunately if you do not belong to a school which pays for these services you cannot use them. ERIC is a very popular clearinghouse for educational articles. You can search it on the web for free, but you must pay a nominal fee to have the articles faxed to you.

The following sources can be used to find articles and books. Some of them can be used to download articles if you join (and pay a fee).

I now have the best luck simply searching the web using my favorite search engines which are currently Google and Alltheweb.

" (unquote from Elin)

A web site to help people study for the Citizenship test, - quizzes based on the hundred questions both in oral and written format and practice dictation.

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