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Current CV

About Vance Stevens

CALL Coordinator and eLearning - IT/CMC Specialist

Consultant and Lecturer in ESL/EFL and in Computing

At right, about to give a plenary speech
at the American University of Cairo, January 21, 2004

Detailed listing of recent presentations and papers

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Following a 20-year career in English language teaching and CALL software development, Vance Stevens actively pursues professional development as Ed Tech consultant, online facilitator and coach, and founder and moderator of the Webheads community of practice,, taking leadership roles in many community-based online professional development initiatives which have formed the basis of his professional development this past decade. Subsequently he has conducted research and produced numerous publications. Vance's blogs and feeds are linked from


I have achieved recognition as an experienced teacher, leader of communities of lifelong teacher-learners, and as innovator in educational technology and social networking applied to language learning and computer-mediated communication. I seek a position starting in fall 2011 where I can leverage my knowledge of Web-based tools and technologies to augment my own learning and that of others towards improving the efficacy of teachers in achieving the learning goals of their students and peers. I can take or share responsibility to help teachers realize pedagogical outcomes attuned to needs of new age learners through appropriate use of networked technologies. I see myself as manager, coordinator, or part of a team of trainers, coaches, or teachers helping to implement transformative changes in educational practices within an institution of higher learning.

Contact me via: Skype and Gmail: vancestev
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Track what I am up to professionally
in his blogs AdVANCEducation

In the early part of my career, I was an ESL teacher/lecturer for 20 years. At this time I doubled as CALL specialist and coordinator, worked in software development, eventually in California as Director of ESL Software Design, before returning to the Middle East as ed tech and CALL coordinator at the Military Language Institute in Abu Dhabi from 1997-2003. From 2003 to July, 2011 I was a lecturer in computing at The Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi.

In 1997-1998 I founded and became coordinator of Webheads, a vibrant community of practice of hundreds of language teachers online who have collaborated since then on three international online conferences ( plus countless and varied collaborations between teachers and students. I have worked for the past decade on promoting professional development and learner autonomy via social media and collaboration in online spaces. I have produced numerous publications and presentations on these topics, listed at Some of his presentations and workshops have been under the auspices of the USIS English Language Specialist Program (2004 in Tunisia), and include a plenary address at a conference that same year at AUC in Cairo. I can speak or give workshops on aspects of social networking of interest to language teachers; for example how tagging and aggregation works and can be used by teachers to put their students in touch with one another in socially networked collaborative projects.
Further elaboration:

CALL = computer-assisted language learning
CMC = computer-mediated communications
ESL/EFL = English as a second/foreign language

Service to profession

Curriculum vitae and short bio archives:

Teacher training and professional development, face-to-face and online

I have extensive conference presentation experience (both in-person and online), and have over 70 publications including research, reviews, articles, chapters, and co-editorship of books. My research efforts have been in the area of efficacy of CALL, or computer-assisted language learning, which I have started to call SMALL, for social-media assisted language learning. Since the early 1980's I have held several CALL coordinator positions where my job was to implement CALL and train others to cope with computers in the workplace as well as use them productively with students.

Webheads in Action

Recently I have altered my notions of CALL after fostering an online community called Webheads which started out in 1997-8 as an online class for students. The class was totally communicative and developed linguistic competence in students through giving them an opportunity to meet regularly as members of a community in various virtual spaces, and established a pattern of personalized web pages and weekly synchronous online events which I have carried through to later communities I have started. These include:

Teacher training and coordination

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