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MLI Teacher Websites

The author of the web project you are viewing now is CALL Coordinator for Amideast's UAE/MLI project in Abu Dhabi. Teachers at the MLI have all had web pages on the LAN at the MLI since the start of the institute in March 1998. More recently, faculty have been encouraged to go primetime and take their web work to the next level: web presence.

Here is a list of teachers who have made the leap into cyberESL and who have given me their urls:

Ahmed Mohamed:

Erwan Allery

Hal Ott, Hal's House of English:

Kevin Rooney’s paper, "Redesigning Non-Task-Based Materials to Fit a Task-Based Framework" appears in the Internet TESL Journal at:

Mahmoud Tawfiq Ghabashneh:

Metwally Ali:

Michael Akard's Abu Dhabi Cafes page is now up at:

Mustafa ElSawy: - Hot Potatoes crosswords, etc.

Randy Gonzales and Ed Chaffin, from April 2006: Tech and Reflect: Building Your Professional Web Presence

Vance Stevens

Victor Rodrigues - Vic's Teacher Internet Resource Guide web site found at

Zafar Syed:

All the above links still worked on March 1, 2005 (amazing!)

This one finally went off the air in late 2005 (taps plays ... )

· The MLI Homepages:

· The famous MLI Student Center was at:

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