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Archive Page for WiAOC 2005:
Behind the scenes at the
Webheads in Action Online Convergence

Bridges across Cyberspace

Friday and Saturday, November 18 - 19, 2005
and Convergence rap-up Sunday November 20

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Work to be done: Coaching and Liason | Reminder the week before the conference

The Call for Proposals was here: http://users.prof2000.pt/wia/oc
The submissions Deadline closed September 26, 2005
see http://www.d-oliver.net/WiA/proposal_information.htm for more information

Tasks and Teams: Many thanks to these dedicated professionals ...

Venny Su and Fernanda Rodrigues were awarded a book for their outstanding efforts: Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Concepts, Contexts and Practices by Jeong-Bae Son (ed.)

Click on the book, or here, for more information

Name of team Purview Volunteers Timeline
Moodle team Sets up Moodle for pre-conference organization
Sets up Moodle for conference registration
Sets up Moodle to handle conference proceedings
Maintains Moodle
Venny Su
Karen Garcia

Vance Stevens
Referee team vetted proposals submitted by mid October
accepted or rejected on basis of rubric (drafted by Dafne, revised by Vance with feedback from others) a working version of which can be previewed here; and Lee Baber contributed a calculator for use of referees: http://landmark-project.com/classweb/tools/run_rubric.php?rbrc_id=121913 or http://tinyurl.com/ayvaz
Late October, submitters were notified by Vance who created schedule as we went: http://www.vancestevens.com/papers/evonline2002/convergence2005schedule.htm
See list of team members above Mid- October
Scheduling team creates the schedule and maintains it online using Fernanda's scheduling feature built into the submissions form http://users.prof2000.pt/wia/oc/schedule.asp Vance Stevens
Barbara Dieu
October - November
Public Relations and Coaching Who is our intended audience?
How will the conference be publicized to that intended audience?

And most importantly, how can these speakers be coached?
How can visitors to our sites understand how to join the presentations?
We need web pages answering FAQs about our conference

Here are some who have taken on specific tasks (but not yet enrolled at conference Moodle):
Arnold Muhren volunteers to help coach in use of Alado, and can be on hand on Sunday
Barbara Dieu, Aiden Yeh,and Buthaina Alothman have volunteered for FAQ's

Now enrolled in the coaching Moodle
Barbara Dieu
Buthaina Alothman
Chris Jones
John Hibbs
Susan Burg
Vance Stevens
Michael Coghlan to coach at Elluminate
Arif Altun and Sedat have offered to coach Joy Egbert
Rita Zeinstejer and Dafne Gonzales are available for coaching on Saturday
Other volunteers:
Christina Costa

Teresa Almeida d'Eca
Liaisons team work with APACALL, Alado, Knowplace, Learning Times, Tapped In, Worldbridges, make sure they're ready for us and that things are set up properly

Arrange for recordings and archives
Buthaina Alothman
ElderBob Brannan, Knowplace
Vance Stevens APACALL

Starting Nov 9 the following announcement has been sent to these lists:
Yahoo Groups: apacall_exec, belnate, dogme, efiwebheads, egyptwebheads, enhanced_online, evonline2002_webheads, human_CALL, iateflcomputer_sig, inglesunlp, mahdia_2004, multilit, pci2004enhancing, real_english_online, research_sig, reading_online, theenglishworkshop, tfw, weblogging, webpresence, wia2004pci
Listservs: apacall, APPI (Portugal), European Schoolnet, E-twinning, Foreign Language Teaching Forum FLTEACH@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU, IFETS, International House World Organisation (IHWO).neteach-l, teslca-l, TESOL Spain and Venezuela TESOL

Greetings all,

This is your reminder that the first WiAOC 2005 Webheads in Action Online Convergence will begin in a few days time with asynchronous events starting November 13, and synchronous presentations taking place around the clock from November 18-20, 2005. This event is completely free. All are welcome to attend.

A number of institutions and individuals are donating their time, energy, and online facilities to make it happen.

Keynotes begin on Friday November 18 at 2:00 a.m GMT with a presentation by Curtis Bonk, and continue with presentations by David Nunan at 08:00 GMT, a second by Curtis Bonk at 14:00 GMT, then Joy Egbert at 11:00 GMT, and Dave Sperling at 18:00. On Saturday, Nov. 19 there is a keynote address by Randall Davis at 11:00 GMT. There is more information at http://keynotes.wiaoc.org .

You can find a schedule at http://schedule.wiaoc.org . On the schedule you will find links to help you work out the times of these presentations where you are. For further help with time conversions, visit: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Free registration: Guest visitors are welcome at the conference but you are strongly urged to register at http://wiaoc.org . Visit there to find out how you can interact with others in this groundbreaking event, and there's more information at http://www.wiaoc.org .(This information is frequently updated; to avoid viewing cached documents refresh your browser and ensure the pages you view are dated Nov 9 or later).

This event is hosted by Webheads in Action, http://www.webheads.info


Vance Stevens http://www.vancestevens.com/vance.htm

Announcements for list distribution

This was the orginal announcement

Greetings colleagues,

This message is to invite you to submit a proposal to a unique event to be held entirely online this November 18-20, 2005 -- The Webheads in Action Online Convergence: Bridges in Cyberspace.

There is a Call for Papers online at http://www.d-oliver.net/WiA/cfp.htm

Submissions are due September 26, 2005 and can be submitted online at http://users.prof2000.pt/wia/oc

The form requires registration but once initiated, proposals can be edited as often as needed prior to the Sept. 26 deadline, and any number of proposals can be submitted under the same logon. The form will send email with scheduling details to those whose proposals are accepted.

The conference is being organized by Webheads in Action Community of Practice.

Webheads is a world-wide, cross-cultural, and vibrant online-community of educators with an open enrollment for anyone who wants to join. It was created in 1997-8 by Vance Stevens, in Abu Dhabi, Maggi Doty in Germany, and Michael Coghlan, in Australia, for ESL learners and facilitators as a student-teacher community. It has expanded to encompass a myriad of educators involved in e-learning in TESOL EVOnline (Electronic Village) and other language or cultural-based curricula. Webheads meet online regularly to explore the latest synchronous and non-synchronous communications technologies, including video and voice, to adapt and demonstrate new innovative ideas for e- learning and classroom curriculum. These educators also display a deep warmth and dedication to helping others. They are evolutionary and enterprising scholars who are harmonious and know how to have a lot of fun. (Quoted from the URL here) http://henry.sandi.net/staff/cpauchni/webheads.html

Supporting sponsors

About the convergence

  • The conference is free of charge, and participation is open to all
  • Registration is via our conference Moodle: http://www.opensource.idv.tw/moodle/
  • The conference will be held via whatever medium the presenter wishes to use (our hosts are contributing voice enabled online spaces to this event).
  • Events can be synchronous or asynchronous.
  • The more developed of the presentation writeups will be encouraged to join us in publishing a proceeds.

Proposals can be for events in just about any duration or format that can be mounted in the form of a presentation or collaborative event online. Interaction can be synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous presentations can be held in one of our voice-enabled presentation portals, or given as a webcast, or presented as streamed audio and/or video either as a presentation or panel discussion. Asynchronous events might include bulletin board discussions, online poster sessions, perhaps integrated with a content management system, or whatever the presenter imagines might be effective. The topics can be pedagogical or technical, and can range from reports of research or practical work with students over the Internet, to descriptions or explorations of how interaction takes place over the Internet (technically or socially; e.g., how communities form to effect this interaction).

There is more general information about the conference here: http://www.vancestevens.com/papers/evonline2002/convergence2005.htm

Mirror sites (for those who cannot access Geocities locations):

We hope you will consider submitting a proposal to our conference.

Please disseminate this information to others in your professional network, and to anyone you feel might be interested.

In case of questions or difficulty in reaching conference URLs please contact
Vance Stevens
Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi
Coordinator, Webheads in Action
vstevens (at@ emirates.net.ae

This is where we announced our extension of deadline

Announcement for list distribution
Notice of the conference and / or the extension of the submissions deadline and correction has been sent to: apacall@apacall.org, apacall_exec YahooGroup - CALICO-L - CETA (Cordoba English Teachers Association, in Spain) - Dogme YG - Ecentric listserv in New Zealand - edweek.org - EFIdeas YG (The StudyCom friends) - EgyptWebheads YahooGroup - IATEFLComputerSig@yahoogroups.com -IATEFL TTEd SIG - IFET distribution list - Knowplace.ca - Language Department at Universidad Metropolitana (Caracas) -LearningAlliance (Etienne Wenger et.al, from CPsquare and other CoPs) - Mahdia_2004 YahooGroup - multilit YahooGroup - Neteach-l - research-SIG@yahoogroups.com - SANTEC - TESLCA-L - Venezuela TESOL - Webpresence YahooGroup - Women without Frontiers, (WwF) YG - - (please distribute to others). Tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/d4fd5

The Webheads in Action Online Convergence is a free conference to be held entirely online this November 18-20, 2005. We are happy to announce our panel of invited speakers David Nunan, Curtis Bonk, Dave Sperling, Joy Egbert, and Randall Davis http://tinyurl.com/dwe38.

The Web portal for the conference is here: http://tinyurl.com/d9ksx. Mirrors (for those who cannot access Geocities locations): http://tinyurl.com/7ja2w and http://tinyurl.com/88688

The proposal deadline has been extended to Monday, September 26, 2005. Details can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/d4fd5. Proposals may be submitted online via the form found at http://users.prof2000.pt/wia/oc. You can start a proposal and return to edit or complete it later by using the user name and password you create when you open the form.

The rubric for vetting proposals can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/ayvaz. When you submit a proposal your name should appear on the list of successful submissions http://users.prof2000.pt/wia/oc/users.asp and all who submit proposals will be contacted by mid October.

Registration for the conference is at our Moodle: http://www.opensource.idv.tw/moodle/course/view.php?id=20

Please distribute this announcement to any listservs or colleagues you feel will be interested. If you have any questions or concerns please address them to Vance Stevens at vstevens@emirates.net.ae

The original notice was been posted to the following places, which should be informed of the revised deadine: CATESOL TELL-IG, DEOS-L, eLearning y Tecnologías aplicadas a la Educación Información sobre ELEARNING; EuroCALL, Global Learn Day YahooGroup, IATEFL-l, ICIS-L, ITA-L, TESP-L, The Communication Initiative

Scheduling Notes: have been moved (follow this link)

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