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WiAOC 2005

WiAOC 2007: Webheads in Action Online Convergence

May 18-20, 2007

Conversations on Networking, Education,
Communities, and Technology

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Chaos Navigation Made Simple

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The Webheads in Action Online Convergence presents challenges as well as opportunities for all concerned. As Susanne Nyrop once famously pointed out, navigation in Webheads can appear as 'chaos navigation' (later, with more experience, she labeled it 'intutitive chaos navigation'). Indeed our convergence is a totally volunteer and collaborative effort and would be impossible to organize complete with live and asynchronous help without the efforts of many in the Webheads community of practice working continents apart with a number of freely available Web 2.0 tools. One of our goals in using so many tools is to raise our awareness of them and teach each other what works for us.

But patching together the work of many in this way, we realize we sacrifice some degree of organization. Some people find the result intriguing, stimulating, and even transformational. Others would prefer we would keep things simple and work through a one-click portal.

Unfortunately for those in the latter camp, this has not been our approach again this year (though greater familiarity with our Drupal portal might help us consolidate better next time). Meanwhile, the need for this page, which attempts to index some of these efforts by letting you know where you can go for help or information, or more importantly, where you can go to volunteer to help us.

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We need volunteers to help in the following areas:

Before the conference:

Coaching for keynote speakers and presenters

Session moderators for keynote speakers and presenters

Live online Helpdesk support at TappedIn

What else do we need to do to? We need a lot of people to look at what we've done and provide feedback. Email with your suggestions.

During the conference:

If you create blog posts or any other artifacts using Web 2.0 tools, please tag your posts and artifacts wiaoc2007 so we can aggregate them as we go.

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In order to be accessible to as many as possible throughout the world, this page is available at:

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