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Running for Fitness

run results

third place on podium me before the run

Still running, Oct 21, 2017, came in third in my age group in the Al Ain Zoo 10 km race,

In 2010, I continue to run regularly, though with less spurt as the years wear on.

  • I run at least one Hash (Hash House Harriers and a week, usually about 7 or 8 km
  • when in Abu Dhabi I run a 10 km predictor each Wednesday evening with the Abu Dhabi Striders. My running goal is to run a time in minutes equivalent to my age over ten kilometers each year for as long as possible. Past the end of my 6th decade, I am still able to do that (in cool weather).
  • Plus I generally do another mid-week run or two of about 6 km. That's down from my 2001 distance of anywhere from 8 to 20 km (depending on outside temp and stage of training).

I no longer run Marathons, but I try to do at least one HALF MARATHON a year. This is my last one:

At right, competing in a swim-run biathalon in Abu Dhabi in fall, 1998 >>

Here is my HALF MARATHON running record:
a partial list since the turn of the century:

Here is my MARATHON running record:





Feb 24, 1989


3:29:41, my first marathon ever

Cold to cool throughout a four lap course

Jan 26, 1990


A bit over 3.5 hours

Pleasant first 10K, hot at the finish



Just under 3.5 hours

Cool - refreshing rain during run

Jan 31, 1992


3:21:39, personal best

Cool to pleasant for most of the race

January 1998

Abu Dhabi

3:59:57, cut it close

Cool start, warm at finish, didn't train as before. In any event, I won the over-40 category.

February 1999

Abu Dhabi

4:09:42 (personal worst, but hey, I did it!)

24 degrees C at 5 a.m. start (75F). But overcast throughout race.

I think this is it for me for marathons. Knees just aren't up to it anymore. Orthroscopic surgery some years ago repaired a torn meniscus, the problem has never recurred, and wearing heel pads in all my shoes has kept my plantar fasciitis happily under control as well.

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